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  Everyone enjoys a good sing-a-long these days! Karaoke songs from the best in the business from Pioneer, DK, Music Maestro, Sound Choice, Chartbuster, SGB, Pocket Songs, just to name a few Brands of the past. We are the only store who still provide these karaoke cd+g's for those who still want the original karaoke music. We still have thousands of karaoke cd's in our store. However, we have always stayed ahead of the competition with latest Laptop Karaoke systems. Using USB digital sound quality with the best karaoke effects in the business.  We were quick to revolutionize karaoke equipment with the latest karaoke microphones, powered karaoke speakers, & karaoke mixers which make performances even more professional-sounding. Since many karaoke singers still feel a bit timid about belting out in public without practice, we have custom built the best home karaoke systems in the world. Building a high-end home karaoke system for NBA All Stars Lebron James and Shawn Marion to the 94-year-old veteran colonel from Wisconsin. We will do whatever is needed for the best karaoke experience for your needs. We have revolutionized the industry with RSQ Digital karaoke players and custom CAVS JB199 karaoke machine. We provide our customers with 3 of the best karaoke technicians in the industry. If you need help with ripping your own karaoke cd's to building a karaoke song book or just learning to change the key on your own laptop, we are here for you! We set up a karaoke hotline 800-kjs-sing for fast friendly karaoke service. We are here for karaoke sales karaoke rentals, karaoke jockeys (KJ'S) or just our home karaoke customers. We have continued to expand into providing karaoke systems for even the King of Rock N Roll Elvis Presley's Graceland, t assisted living homes, restaurants, churches, community centers, bowling alleys, and our karaoke bars to just name a few.


A professional karaoke system is a system where regular singer can sing along to a song, sing directly into a microphone and at times follow words on a screen. Many systems are like DVD players or regular CD players, but others may feature components that come with a small lyric monitor, built-in speakers, a multi-format music playing element and microphones. The cost of a professional karaoke system can range from $799 to $24,000.  Purchase your own high-quality tracks or just use YouTube karaoke to sing along!  


Finally, the first day of the weekend, and you decide to keep away the boredom or maybe refresh yourself out there in a Karaoke studio, but now that will cost you a little fortune. The best solution to this is buying a personal machine, but which is the best Karaoke machine? Remember that you need a system which works perfectly for you, considering factors such as adaptability and knowledge. There is an extensive range of some of the best Karaoke machines on the market today. Some are improved with Bluetooth feature, which with no doubt will work well for you. Also, the old ones are available. You can choose one of your choice and of a friendly budget. Here is one of the best Karaoke machine you need. RSQ Karaoke Player / System which has a key changer, recording function, Bluetooth and digital capacity to hold a 2 TB hard drive. You can store thousands of karaoke songs on the flash drive, hard drive or SD card. We also offer free karaoke music with our RSQ karaoke systems.  

Everything You Need For Professional KARAOKE SYSTEM or DJ EQUIPMENT 

We strive to provide a wide array of quality, affordable audio equipment that professional DJ's, club owners, musicians, etc. need to bring music to the masses. We work directly with music professionals every day, keeping us in touch with the concerns and demands of those working in the industry. Customers are hard-pressed to find a retailer anywhere else who will deliver the kind of products, service, and product knowledge that we provide collectively daily. 

Quality and integrity are our top priorities. We stand behind our customers as well as our products as we get them what they need and provide them the assistance and knowledge that they need. We want customers to feel confident in their purchases and our expertise so that they are compelled to continue to do business with us. It has always been our mission to provide our customers with the best products and service possible, and it is our goal to accomplish that mission every day we open for business. This attitude has earned us the right to be known as one of the most respected audio authorities in the Midwest as customers have voted us #1 in customer service for the past twenty six years.