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Everything You Need For Professional KARAOKE - DJ SYSTEMS & EQUIPMENT

We strive to provide a wide array of quality, affordable audio equipment that professional DJ's, club owners, musicians, etc. need in order to bring music to the masses. We work directly with music professionals every day, keeping us in touch with the concerns and demands of those working in the industry. Customers are hard-pressed to find a retailer anywhere else who will deliver the kind of products, service, and product knowledge that we provide collectively on a daily basis.

Quality and integrity are our top priorities. We stand behind our customers as well as our products as we get them what they need and provide them the assistance and knowledge that they need. We want customers to feel confident in their purchases and our expertise so they are compelled to continue to do business with us. It has always been our mission to provide our customers with the best products and service possible and it is our goal to accomplish that mission every day we open for business. This attitude has earned us the right to be known as one of the most respected audio authorities in the Midwest as customers have voted us #1 in customer service for the past twenty years.