New Karaoke Laptop System with HK Polar 10 Bluetooth Powered Column Speaker


$2,699.99 $6,125.99


New Karaoke Laptop System with HK Polar 10 Bluetooth Powered Column Speaker and More.

This System Includes:

1x 15" Karaoke Laptop

1x 6 Channel Bluetooth Mixer with Recording

1x HK Polar 10 Powered Column Speaker with Bluetooth

1x Dual UHF Wireless Microphones LR-625

1x 19" Monitor

1x Monitor Stand

Speaker Cable

Patch Cable

1x HDMI Cable

1,300 Karaoke Songs

Introducing POLAR 10!

We’re delighted to be able to introduce POLAR 10: an affordable new columnar PA for musicians, entertainers, DJs, presentations, schools and audiovisual applications!

POLAR 10 boasts features that until today were found only on far pricier systems, such as a four-channel mixer with five programmable user presets, Bluetooth 5.0 audio streaming, and remarkably assertive bass response.

POLAR 10 consists of a subwoofer and two columnar elements. The elegant contours of the subwoofer’s birch ply housing are not just cosmetic; the enclosure is acoustically shaped and sized to deliver excellent audio results in combination with a specially developed 10” woofer sporting an extra-long voice coil. Driven by a muscular 2,000-watt power amplifier, this combination delivers rich, low-ranging bass response that packs an impressive punch even at high volumes.

The midrange/HF column comes in two sections for easy transport. The top section is loaded with six high-performance 3” midrange drivers and a low-distortion, 1” constant directivity horn. The system delivers well-balanced, exceedingly natural sound, rendering everything from low-mid frequencies all the way up to 20 kHz with remarkable authority. Tuned to project an expansive 120° throw pattern and engineered to impede feedback, it gives users freedom choice when it comes to positioning the PA in venues. Placed behind the speaker or performer, it can also serve as a stage monitor to take the place of wedges in many scenarios.

The newly developed E.A.S. connect system links the three components. Simple, safe and sturdy, this smart set of couplers requires no cables. Setting POLAR 10 on a raised stage is not a problem; it can still be aimed at the correct height by simply leaving the column’s bottom section – which is a spacer – out of the stack.

The four-channel mixer offers two mic/line channels, one instrument channel for an acoustic guitar or similar, and one aux channel for music players. POLAR 10 can also render audio streams wirelessly via Bluetooth 5.0, which has four times the range of Bluetooth 4.0. The mixer’s settings may be stored in five presets, to be accessed later as the situation requires.

Karaoke Laptop Solid State Hard Drive

  • 15" display
  • high-bandwidth RAM to smoothly run multiple applications and browser tabs all at once. 
  • Holds 30,000+ songs for ample file storage space
  • Quad Core Processor
  • Weighs 4.85 lbs. and measures 0.93" thin
  • USB 3.0 connectivity maximizes the latest high-speed devices
  • USB 2.0 to connect more accessories and peripherals. USB 3.0 ports are backward-compatible with USB 2.0 devices (at 2.0 speeds).
  • HDMI output expands your viewing options
  • Built-in media reader for simple photo transfer
  • Supports SD, SDHC, SDXC, miniSD, microSD and MMC memory card formats. 
  • Wireless and wired network connectivity
  • Built-in webcam and multi-directional TruTalk microphones
  • Full keyboard with 10-key numeric keypad
  • Multimedia software package included
Karaoke DJ & Video Software 
-VALUE $299.00 

FREE TEAM-VIEWER PROFESSIONAL  (To help you from our location by logging in directly into your computer) 
-VALUE $850.00 
-VALUE $89.00/Per Hour 
FREE - We will load MOST drivers for your mixer if you call us and let us know what mixer you're using
-VALUE $35.00 


TECH HOURS: 11am-6pm EST Monday-Friday ONLY

LR-625 UHF Wireless Mics

Professional UHF Dual Wireless Mics LR-625 Pearl Ridge Sound

These professional UHF wireless cardiod microphones are excellent. These microphones will have you sounding your best with great clarity.

LR625 UHF Wireless Dual Hand Mic Set

Includes UHF Receiver 

2x UHF Cardiod Microphones

Works on AA batteries for ease of use

6 Channel Mixer with Recording. FEATURES

  • 6-Channel Audio Mixer
  • Built-in DSP Sound Effects Processor
  • Built-in USB Interface to Computer for Recording and Music Playing Applications
  • Ultra-Musical 3-Band EQ on All Channels
  • Microphone + Line Inputs
  • Peak LED Indicators on All Channels
  • MUTE and PFL Control Buttons on All Channels
  • AUX, EFF, and PAN Controls on All Channels
  • 5-Band Stereo Graphic Equalizer
  • High-Accuracy Level Indicator
  • EFFECT Level Control Slider
  • AUX SEND and RETURN Level Controls
  • Phantom Power Switch (+48V)
  • Sealed Rotary Control Knobs to Resist Dust and Grime
  • Rugged Steel Chassis
  • Multi-Voltage Power Supply for Worldwide Use

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