Vietnamese Karaoke System

Lightyear Music

$1,999.99 $2,999.99


This System Includes:

  • RSQ HD-787 Karaoke Player
  • Dual Wireless Microphone system
  • (2) Yamaha HS8 Powered Speakers
  • 9,600 Vietnamese Language and 1,300 English Language Karaoke Hits
  • Lifetime Support

RSQ HD-787

RSQ HD-787 Karaoke player loaded with 9,600 of the best Vietnamese language Karaoke songs. In addition we have loaded this player with 1300 of the most popular English songs.

Yamaha HS8 Active Studio Monitor

The Yamaha HS8 active studio monitor will help you make better-sounding recordings. Yamaha's nearfield monitors with their iconic white-coned woofers have been ubiquitous in top studios worldwide ever since the original NS-10s hit the scene in the late '70s. Yamaha (never content to rest on its laurels) has continuously developed and perfected the design, resulting in HS series monitors with newly designed bi-amplified drivers and scientifically ported enclosures that deliver amazing accuracy and vanishingly low coloration. Don't mix in the dark. Nail what you're after, without the guesswork, with Yamaha's HS8.


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