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 The home recording system is and USB / SD recording & playback device. Plug in your USB flash drive SD card of up to 32GB and record straight onto them. This will give you approximately 136 hours of recording time at 128 kbps. If you need to record a long meeting or a series of meetings you can put them all onto one USB flash drive! DJ’s, if you want to record your long set, no need to worry about any time limits like you had to with CD’s and tape recordings! Just hit record and you’re all set! The recorder is also a playback device. Using the same USB flash drive or SD card you will be able to play back your music and recordings. Input your recording device by using the RCA or 1/8” (AUX) inputs…this will allow you to send devices such as instruments, and DJ mixers, CD player or cassette decks. The output consists of a RCA to plug this unit into your sound system’s audio input and playback your recordings!

The front panel of the Recorder hosts all of the user controls. They are all very accessible and very user friendly. The controls consist of playback / pause, stop, next track and previous track. Organize your USB flash drive or SD card from the UREC7’s front panel interface...no need to jump back and forth from a computer! Use the bass and treble and bass knobs to fine tune the sound output. Complete with a headphone output and removable rack mounts, this professional recording and playback device can be integrated into any studio or showroom or mobile rig. This is a must have for anyone wanting to record and archive…and at a price that is too low to believe!

On top of that the Recorder allows you to play your recording in either repeat or random playback. The unit is also equipped with a remote allowing you playback from or record onto a USB flash drive or SD Card from a distance. The built-in equalizer has four different settings allowing you to choose the most appropriate sound for your audio.

 Inputs: USB Flash Drive / SD Card (Up to 32 GB), RCA, 1/8'' (MP3)

Outputs: RCA (Line Out)
USB 2.0 Compatible
Plays .mp3, .wav, .wma files from USB drives and SD Cards
iPod™ compatible USB input allows for direct connection with an iPod (Nano™ Only)
Records .wav files onto USB Flash Drive or SD Card from the RCA or 1/8'' inputs
128 kbps / 44.1 KHz sampling rate on .wav file recordings
Record / Play - choose between recording onto the USB / SD Card or playing from it
Track title, track number & elapsed time will display for track on USB / SD Card inputs
LED screen display
Frequency Response: 20Hz-20KHz ±3dB
Signal to noise ratio: >90dB
Bass and treble controls
Controls: next track, previous track, play / pause
Random, repeat, repeat all tracks selector
1/8'' Headphone output
Use Remote to playback tracks from USB / SD Card from a distance 
(Remote will not function for making recordings)
19'' L x 6.5'' W x 1.75'' H
Weight: 3.56

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