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Included Items

  • One Hybrid Power Amplifier
  • Dual VHF wireless microphones
  • one remote control

Key Fetaures

  • Dual Mic Inputs
  • Recording capabilities
  • usb/sd inputs
  • Aux Inputs
  • Bass, Treble, and Balance controls
  • intetraged radio tuner
  • digital display
  • Playback controls

The HW4000UriBT by Technical Pro, is an all-purpose, hybrid amplifier designed to overcome any challenge. When envisioning the HW4000UriBT, our goal was to create a product that didn’t just do everything, but that did everything well. What we came up with was a high-powered amplifier that incorporated all the elements of the most adaptable receiver. The result is an all-in-one product that doesn’t just replace your amplifier and receiver, it’s better than them.

Power The most important component of any amplifier is power output. At peak, the HW4000UriBT puts out 4,000 Watts; more than enough to flood your venue with sound. To further spread the love, the HW4000UriBT comes with the ability to send audio through up to four speakers ensuring maximum sound delivery. With the HW4000UriBT you get impressive power capabilities and the ability to send that power wherever it needs to go. No matter the setting, the HW4000UriBT keeps more of your guests in the action.

Versatility As a hybrid amp, the HW4000UriBT was created to do everything. Working as a receiver, it takes audio from RCA inputs, USB memory sticks, SD cards, and portable music storage devices. An included AM/FM tuner even allows you to play from the radio. For output, Bluetooth capabilities enable you to wirelessly connect to speakers to minimize setup time, while RCA and Banana binding outputs connect easily to standard devices. Included wireless microphones flawlessly capture audio and give you the freedom to move around.

Exceptional Audio The design of the HW4000UriBT ensures the sound it delivers is nothing but the best. Built-in audio controls help you tailor the HW4000UriBT to meet the needs of any song and setting. With the HW4000UriBT you have the assurance that your speakers will be pumping out the best music they’re capable of.


Model #



L 16.9" x W 11.9" x H 3.15"


20.0 lbs





Peak Power

4000 Watts


RCA (2 CH, 5.1 CH), USB, SD Card (32 GB Max)


7.2 Channel Up


1/8" to 1/8" Included

Mic Input

Dual 1/4''  with volume, echo, bass and treble controls


128 kbps/ 44.11 KHz on .wav


v2.0 with EDR (2.4 GHz)

Bluetooth Range

30 feet

Speaker Output

Banana binding post (4 speakers), push button (surround sound speakers), RCA 

Built- in Features

Speaker Selector, AM/FM digital tuner

Built- in Fan


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