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Mobile Karaoke Player & Speakers - RSQ J-Box 2

Key Features
  • Speaker Case
  • NEO-22 Player


Mobile Karaoke Entertainment System Simply the best system in its class for mobile karaoke systems. The powerful 3-way 5 speaker cabinet has a 10" woofer, 2 mid and 2 high speakers to produce clean warm sound. You will definitely enjoy the quality and performance of the J-Box system.

Speaker Case:

3 Way Passive Full Range Speaker System

Low : 10" , Mid : 4" (2PCS) , Hi : 3" (2PCS

Impedence : 8 Ohms

Max. Output Power : 400 Watts

Speaker Size : 21"(W) X 13"(H) X 14"(D)

Speaker Weight : 40 lbs

Player Case Size : 21"(W) X 13.5"(H) X 14"(D)

Player Case Weight : 20 lbs (equipment weight not included)

NEO-22 Player:

If you’re looking for a karaoke player that can do it all, the Neo-22 is the perfect machine for you. This model is the latest installment to our highly successful RSQ line of Karaoke Players. Due to its multi-format capability and recording function the Neo-22 is currently one of the most sought after machines. Along with its great body this model was designed with high quality original JVC/RSQ tooling. Its design and system makes it easy to operate, record, and rip your music. Without doubt this machine is perfect for all Kj’s/Dj’s as well as Karaoke Aficionados.

Player Features:

-8X Faster Ripping for MP3+G & NEO+G Format (CD+G 4X)

-Record Singing to USB/SD CARD from CD+G, NEO+G, MP3+G Format

-Record Singing from USB device to SD Card or Vice Versa

-Song List Creation tool with NEO+G, MP3+G & DIVX Format

•Compatible formats NEO+G, CD+G, MP3+G, DVD, MPEG4, DivX, Xvid, MP3 etc.

•Fast Ripping NEO+G, CD+G, MP3+G disc directly into USB/SD Card at MP3+G format

•Record singing with MP3+G and CD+G into USB/SD Card at MP3 w/ lyrics

•Easy song search : On-Screen Song Index and Song Number

•13 Step Digital  Key Control

•Scoring Function

•Compatible with High Capacity USB External Hard Disk Drive

•Song List Creator

•Rack Mountable

KA-2000 Amplifier:

Stereo Karaoke Amplifier

- 300W power output

- Multiple A/V source selection ( 4 audio/ 4 video )

- 2 Mic inputs

- Bass/Treble for Mic

- Bass/Treble for Music

- Echo effect Repeat/Delay/Echo

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