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RSQ HD 787 Karaoke Machine 


NEW!!!  Karaoke Computer Jukebox made just for karaoke. A very exciting karaoke computer and karaoke player all in one. Plays from the internal Hard Drive or Plays CDG Discs, DVD Discs, CD Discs, from the built-in CD Player. The Built-in CD Player lets you also record karaoke songs directly to the internal hard drive. If you have any questions about this new karaoke computer Call us toll-free 1-800-557-7464 This machine is designed to please. 

RSQ HD-787



Defining Quality Karaoke Jukebox!!!

Do not waste your time searching songs from your disk library. Just Select, Type & Copy songs to the Hard Disk of the machine. You do not need to carry 1000 disks for a party or an event. Save your Investment from scratches & Save your time too!!!!

- Deal Mode: Able to play songs from HDD & Loader

- Access over 40,000 + songs  through the on-screen selection with Keypad & Remote

- Easy Capture CD+G, DVD, VCD, NEO+G disc directly into Hard Drive 

- Direct Playback from hard drive using pre-assigned song number

- Easy Song Search by Titles & Singers with Keypad & Big Remote

- Reserve up to 99 songs

- Glow In The Dark Keyboard Big Remote Control & Front Panel Keypad

- 13 Steps Digital Key Control

- Able to select more songs while the song is playing

- Multiple Languages ( English, Chinese, Vietnamese )

- Comes with 2 remote controllers (1 Full functioning remote controller, 1 big keyboard remote)

- Able to use Dual Monitor

This machine also supports Karaoke NEO. 

What is the NEO+G format?

NEO+G is a revolutionary new format of karaoke disc.

NEO+G format discs have virtually the same sound quality and graphics as a CD+G, but you will have many more advanced functions to help you to enjoy singing.

NEO+G is a licensed compression format that allows 1000+ songs on DVD 9 media.

Why is the NEO+G format for me?

You have been doing karaoke for a while, and your CD+G collection requires you to rent a forklift in order to carry your discs to your show. Imagine having the ability to take your CD+G discs, and compact your collection down to a fraction of the discs you previously had to carry. Well RSQ now offers you a tool that will convert songs ripped from your existing CD + G discs, into the NEO+G format.


Free Songs list below 

A Very Big Value!!

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Click Here for 1331 Karaoke Songs By Artist Reg Price $1999.

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