New Cavs Karaoke Player With 1,500 Songs With Built-In Network Server


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New Cavs Karaoke Player With 1,500 Songs With Built-In Network Server

Compatible with all Android, Apple/Mac & Windows devices!!

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This Player Includes: Compatible with all Android, Apple/Mac & Windows devices!!

  • Network router
  • QR codes
  • 1,300 Karaoke Songs and a Super CD+G disc with 200 Songs ( A $2,600 Value!! )
  • Microphone and Microphone Cable
  • Remote Controller
  • Power Supply (UL Approved)
  • HDMI Cable
  • RCA Cable
  • Rackmount Ears


  • Play CD+G, Super CD+G, CD, VCD, and DVD discs
  • Play MP3+G, Super CD+G, AVI, and MP4 digital files
  • Play from compact discs, USB flash drive, and SD Cards
  • Connect to phones and tablets to
    • Select, reserve, and play songs
    • Control Pitch/Key
    • Control Volume and Echo
  • HDMI connection for all combined video, audio, and microphone outputs
  • RCA connections for traditional AV Stereo outputs
  • Extract Super CD+G and CD+G discs
  • Record Super CD+G and CD+G karaoke singing with lyric video
  • Volume control, Pitch control, Echo control
  • Reservation, Score, Bill Acceptor, Coaxial digital output

Built-in Network Server – Easily select, reserve, and play songs using your phones and tablets. Connect to CAVS 205G Plus using a simple QR code.

Simple to Play – Tap on a song and press Play. With the convenience of using phones and tablets, you can bid farewell to printing hundreds of pages of paper songbooks. Additionally, you have the option to play the songs using the front panel buttons or the remote control.

Simple to Setup – Connect a single HDMI cable for all video, audio, and microphone outputs. The player’s internal digital mixer combines all outputs into one. Additionally, the player features RCA connectors for traditional Audio Video outputs.

Simple to Manage – Load up to 64,000 songs on a single USB flash drive or SD card, or up to 500,000 songs on a 2 TB hard drive.


The new CAVS 205G Plus is ideal for both home and professional entertainment settings. Its front panel boasts large back-lit buttons, ensuring effortless operation even in low-light conditions. Also the customer interface displayed on phones and tablets is intuitive and simple to navigate, enhancing the overall user experience.


The CAVS 205G Plus comes with a network router and QR codes for seamless connectivity. Upon powering on, the player will automatically connect to the router. From there simply scan the QR codes using your phone or tablet to complete the connection. This grants you access to the intuitive CAVS customer interface, enabling easy browsing and playback of songs.


The CAVS 205G Plus offers versatile playback options, including songs from compact discs, USB flash drives, and SD cards. Capable of storing up to 64,000 songs on a flash drive/SD card, and up to 500,000 songs on a 2TB hard drive.


The CAVS 205G Plus boasts several traditional features accessible via corresponding connectors located on the back panel:

  • COAXIAL: Allows for digital audio output to a digital mixer or soundboard.
  • COIN: Facilitates connection to a coin machine for setting up Pay-for-Play functionality.
  • SCORE: Enables scoring of singers in contests.
In addition to these features, the CAVS 205G Plus introduces a new HDMI output connector. This connector consolidates video, music, and microphone outputs into a single HDMI cable for a seamless connection to your TV. This integration is made possible by an internal digital mixer that combines all outputs into one HDMI signal. For users with traditional TV, amplifier, and speaker setups, the CAVS 205G Plus also includes RCA connectors for Composite video and Stereo mixed-down audio.



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