CAVS JB-199 III Premier Digital Jukebox 2 TB HARD DRIVE COMPUTER




Digital Karaoke Jukebox Player - CAVS JB-199 III

CAVS JB-199 III Premier Digital Jukebox comes from a long line of karaoke jukeboxes that are POWERFUL, RELIABLE, and PERFORMANCE ORIENTED. The CAVS JB-199 III inherits this tradition rightfully and enhances it to

  • encompass all possible formats and requirements
  • integrate full controls of the players, songbooks, and mixers
  • offer a truly international approach to songs, song lists, and search methods

CAVS JB-199 III Premier supports CD+G, MP3+G, ZIP, Super CD+G, MCG, NCG, MP3, MP4, AVI, DAT, FOB, WMV, KAR, MIDI, etc. formats. If you don't see your file format, contact us and our programmers will make it happen! CAVS JB-199 III Premier has also the Advertisement, Rotation, Interlude, Singer History, Background Video Play (BGV), Scoring, etc. These features are perfected over the years for operation with hundreds of thousand songs in the database. Now the CAVS JB-199 III Premier offers the option of first-ever Video Audio HD Recording in real-time.

CAVS JB-199 III Premier connects to E-Songbooks, iPhones, iPad, Androids, and also the Windows laptop or tablets. In 2007 CAVS have introduced the art of networking the Wi-Fi devices within the Intranet for songbooks. It is now an integral part of the CAVS JB-199 III Premier. The cell phones and tablets provide huge convenience as E-Songbooks to the customers and in return increase, the participation of the customers in singing, scoring and generally having fun.

CAVS JB-199 III Premier offers integrated control of the karaoke player, the E-Songbooks, and lastly the mixer. Built-in to the CAVS JB-199 II Premier unit is the touch screen mixing board controlling the music volume, microphone volumes, Echo, and Reverb. Thus, at a single touch screen, you can -

  • display, select and search the songs
  • play, reserve, shuffle, stop, pause, next, cancel the songs
  • control music volume, microphone volume, Echo, Reverb levels

Currently, CAVS JB-199 III Premier offers integrated control with

  • CAVS Digital Mixer DK3
  • CAVS Digital Mixer DK5
  • Soundcraft Digital Mixer 12Ui
  • Soundcraft Digital Mixer 16Ui

Please contact us for the latest information on the compatible mixers.

CAVS JB-199 III Premier is based on Windows 10 64-bit OS. The new OS allows the player to have the HDMI, VGA, and RCA outputs which can support any new or old AV equipment. It also enables the use of the Unicode system for the display of all international fonts. For a karaoke system to be truly international, however, not only the display of lyrics and song list needs to be international but also the search of the songs must be international. The CAVS JB-199 III Premier achieves exactly that through the Windows 10 OS. Built-in to the system, the JB-199 III Premier program enables inputting and searching of the songs by the international keyboards and handwritings. The international keyboards and handwritings are an essential part of servicing the customers worldwide, particularly those of the East Asia and Middle East regions of the world.

CAVS Jb-199 III Premier Digital Jukebox is designed for power, performance, and reliability. Built on the Windows 10 64 bit, JB-199 III Premier is the new standard for Karaoke jukeboxes.

  • Dual/Touch screen mode with independent KJ Control Panel and Lyric display.
  • 3D Customer Interface for Touch screen
  • Play CD+G, Super CD+G, MP3+G, ZIP, MCG, NCG, AVI, WMV, MP4, KAR, MIDI, and CD song files from an internal hard drive
  • Play CD+G, Super CD+G, CD, DVD, Video CD, and CD discs*
  • Store up to Unlimited songs
  • Extract CD+G, Super CD+G, AVI, WMV, DVD, and CD songs from discs*
  • Transfer songs of JB-99, JB-199 I & II
  • Record real-time video audio in HD format
  • Write recorded or any song files onto blank disc*
  • Song search by title, artist, or index
  • Direct access by song index
  • Remote access and management using network or Internet
  • Key control, Tempo control, Sync control, Volume control
  • Reserve, Voice cancel, Repeat, Random, Fanfare, Score
  • Change the order of reserved songs
  • Call for the next reserved song(s)
  • Silence gap remover
  • Continuous/Single play
  • A-B loop, Location finder, Fast forward, Fast backward
  • 8-Segment Equalizer with 6 pre-settings
  • Easy song update, firmware update, and song list management
  • Superimpose background video (BGV) with photos, slide shows, movies, webcam, and external video sources**
  • Connect to E-Songbook, iPhone, iPad, Androids, and Windows tablet
  • Encrypt song files for protection against copying / exporting.
    * Requires optional disc drive.



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