Best Karaoke Machine 2020 New Custom Karaoke System


$2,999.00 $5,789.99


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This System Includes:

1x Best Karaoke Machine 

2x Yamaha DXR10MKii Powered Speakers

1x AMX 7362 Mixer

1x Dual UHF Professional Wireless Microphone System 

Microphones Can Be Upgraded from the ones in the picture 

2x Speaker Stands

2x Speaker Cables

1,000 Karaoke Songs 

1x Patch Cables

1X Samsung 8" Tablet

Tech Support To Get You Started


 BEST KARAOKE MACHINE What separates this player from the rest of the world This player has a Digital built in mixer. For perfect sound quality and digital recording. This player lets you hook up directly to a Cell phone It plays MP3G songs and Midi Files together.

EXCLUSIVE FEATURES Made for commercial use and has a coin port for use as a vending system. Created PC TOOL to easily insert, transfer, upload, manage various country songs, songs from other brand karaoke players, and your own songs.

SOFTWARE Support VIDEO format: AVI, RMVB, RM, MKV, MPG, WMV, etc. Support AUDIO format: MP3, WMA, WAV, AAC, etc. Support PHOTO format: JPG, BMP, GIF, etc. Supports 1080P Full HD Delicate and sophisticated GUI support Karaoke function support for commercial use Easily upload songs from CDG, MTV and MP3 to your karaoke device MIDI song support Song DB indexing and various song search function by Country, Title/Singer, Favorite, Popular CDG, MTV song support MTV VOCAL ON/OFF support Supports various national songs such as English, Korean, Chinese, Japanese, Vietnamese, Spanish, etc. KEY/TEMPO functions support Digital MIC/ECHO VOLUME support Various background image (BGV) support and BGV support using CAM Support recording and CAM recording function Use personal VIDEO/PHOTO as background image for karaoke Support Coin and Time function MIDI EQ adjustment, Score adjustment, Greeting registration IOS/Android APP support Songbook function Remote control function Transferring messages and pictures to karaoke machine (Background support) Downloading, playing, and sharing your recording files of karaoke player to your personal phone MULTIMEDIA support other than karaoke machine Listening music, electronic frame, movie viewing function MIRACAST function of Android phone INTERNET such as YOUTUBE Easy FW update (update via USB or FTP SERVER) Wireless USB connection support When using the internet, it supports English keyboard, USB, and virtual keyboard.

HARDWARE Front FND display support and back light button support 2 Microphone Inputs 2xUSB port: USB device connection (USB keyboard, mouse, Webcam, Wireless Dongle 1xHDMI port 1xLAN Port Coin, Score-in, External BGV port support Karaoke function support Using MIC/ECHO PROCESSOR Digital Mic, Echo Volume Knob Using large capacity HDD (removable)


  • 6-Channel Audio Mixer with USB 5V Power Supply Input
  • Built-in DSP Sound Effects Processor
  • Built-in USB Interface to Computer for Recording and Music Playing Applications
  • Two USB Inputs, the USB Interface on the Front Panel and the USB 5V Power Supply Input on the Rear Panel
  • Level Control Sliders on All Channels
  • Ultra-Musical HIGH/LOW 2-Band EQ on All Channels
  • Microphone + Line Inputs
  • Peak LED Indicators on All Channels
  • GAIN, FX, PAN, and LEVEL Controls on All Channels
  • LOW-CUT Buttons on Channels 1-4.
  • High-Accuracy Level Indicator
  • EFFECT Delay and Level Controls
  • RETURN Level Controls
  • Phantom Power Switch (+48V)
  • INST (HI-Z)/LINE Selection Button
  • Stereo PHONES Output Jack and PHONES Level Control
  • Sealed Rotary Control Knobs to Resist Dust and Grime
  • Rugged Steel Chassis
  • Multi-Voltage Power Supply for Worldwide Use


Portable, yet capable of producing an astonishing 132 dB SPL, the DXR10mkII’s compact, functional design makes it ideal for a wide range of applications. Whether providing simple vocal/instrument amplification, very powerful floor monitoring or comprising a compact SR system - the DXR10mkII delivers without compromising sound quality and power.

Professional UHF Dual Wireless Mics  These professional UHF wireless cardioid microphones are excellent. These microphones will have you sounding your best with great clarity. These mics are better sound than a Sure SM58 wireless system. UHF Wireless Dual Hand Mic Set Includes UHF Receiver 2x UHF Cardiod Microphones Power supply 220volt Works on AA batteries for ease of use

8" Samsung Tablet


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