Yamaha DZR12 and DXS 15MKii with Sub Poles and Speaker Cables

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This System includes:

2x Yamaha DZR 12 Powered Speakers

2x Yamaha DXS 15MKii Powered Subs

2x Speaker Poles

4x 25' Speaker Cables XLR to XLR

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New Price $3200

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Yamaha DZR 12 Powered Speakers

The Yamaha DZR12 offers superb clarity and best-in-class SPL performance. This 2-way bi-amped PA speaker boasts a high-power 2,000-watt Class D amplifier, a 39Hz–20kHz frequency range, and can tackle any application you throw at it. Sophisticated DSP processing yields high-resolution sound with super-low latency, while optimized presets and an intuitive LCD display make dialing in your settings a piece of cake. As a powered PA speaker, the DZR12 integrates with any configuration. It can also operate effectively as a stage monitor. The DZR12 employs a lightweight, yet durable, plywood cabinet with a premium-grade polyurea coating.

Yamaha DXS 15MKii Powered Subwoofers

  • 15" Subwoofer with remarkable output of up to 135dB from a small, lightweight package
  • Powerful D-XSUB processing gives you total control of your low frequency
  • Ergonomic and compatible features just made your system setup and transport a whole lot easier
  • Enclosure exteriors feature a durable Polyurea coating with extremely high damage resistance
  • Yamaha's innovative DSP and control options ensure your performances are executed exactly as you planned

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