Complete Professional DJ System Karaoke System 24 HR Speaker battery Yamaha Mixer Wireless Mics

Lightyear Music

$1,399.00 $1,999.00

12,000-watt speakers (Peak Power) 2 x Speakers
UPGRADED to the NEW Cavs 205G USB Karaoke Player
Remote Control
1000 FREE Karaoke songs
Free SD Card
19 inch Monitor LCD
2 x Speaker Cables
10' HDMI Cable
Monitor Stand
Yamaha MG10XU Mixer 
2 Wired Microphones
2 Mic Stands

2 x Professional UHF Wireless Microphones
Free Tech Support 
What's Included?
CAVS 205G USB Player

1 Cavs 205G USB PRO Karaoke Player

1 Karaoke Microphone Wired

1 Microphone Cable

1 Remote Control

1 HDMI Cable

1 Bonus CD with 200 Karaoke songs

Simple to Play – Input a song number and press play using the front panel or remote control

Simple to Connect – Connect an HDMI cable for all of the video, audio, and microphone. The player has a built-in digital mixer. It also has RCA connectors for Composite video and stereo audio.

Simple to manage – Load up to 64,000 songs in a single flash drive or 500,000 songs in a single USB hard drive. All songs play instantly without waiting.


The new design of the CAVS 205G USB Karaoke Machine that plays DVD, Super CD+G, and CD+G discs makes it perfect for both home and professional entertainment. With big back-lit buttons and remote control, play Karaoke and Movie at home or on the road!


CAVS 205G USB Karaoke Player is simple to operate with the front pushbuttons and the remote control. Relax and enjoy the DVD/Super CD+G/CD+G entertainment. Here is a classic comfort with No keyboard and no mouse!


CAVS 205G USB Karaoke Player has USB and SD slots allowing you to plug-n-play your USB flash drives, USB external hard drives, and SD cards. Each device can contain MP3+G, DAT (Super CD+G), MP3+MCG, and MP4 files. You can store and access instantly up to 64,000 songs in a single USB flash drive or 500,000 songs in a single USB hard drive.


The latest CAVS 205G USB Multi-Format Karaoke Machine is durable and plays the CD+G and Super CD+G discs with hundreds or thousands of karaoke songs on each disc. It can also combine your collection of Super CD+G discs into a single USB flash drive or SD card to play without the hassles of changing discs or songbooks.

CAVS 205G USB Karaoke Player is innovative with a newly added HDMI connector that carries the video, music, and microphone outputs, all in a single HDMI cable to your TV. It has a built-in Digital Karaoke Mixer that combines them all into the HDMI output. For those with the traditional TV, amplifier, and speakers set up, CAVS 205G USB Karaoke Player also comes with the RCA connectors for Composite video and Stereo mixed-down audio.

    • Pair of Dual 15" TWO WAY ACTIVE LOUDSPEAKERS at 12,000 WATTS a piece
    • 24 Hour Battery Life
    • Yamaha MG10XU Mixing Board
      • 24 Vocal Effects
      • 10 Channels
      • 4 Microphone Inputs
      • USB Interface Connection for Premium Sound
    • Dual Professional UHF Wireless Microphones
      RELIABLE/UPGRADEABLE SYSTEM THAT WILL ROCK YOUR BAR AND/OR PERFORMANCE STAGE takes pride in our helping you find the DJ or Karaoke package perfect for your needs!! With this offer, you'll see why. Pair of Dual 15" 2-way loudspeakers at 12,000 watts apiece w/ two 25' speaker cables. An impressive punching 24,000 Watts working in unison with the Yamaha MG10XU mixer. 

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