QFX PBX-61155 Portable Battery-Powered Bluetooth PA Speaker

Lightyear Music


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The PBX-61155 from QFX QFX is a battery powered PA speaker that has a 15" woofer, a microphone input, a guitar input, and wireless Bluetooth technology. It can be used in several applications for small events, parties, and more for enjoying your music whenever and wherever you want.

Featuring an RGB LED Moonlight with On/Off switch for effects, the speaker has an FM radio, a USB/SD player, and includes a remote control, which allows access to the unit at a distance. It is built with both a microphone and a guitar input jack, and has RCA L/R (stereo) In/Out connectors. The speaker can also be powered by AC 120V or rechargeable batteries.

Plus, the portable speaker is built with a carry handle and wheels for easy transport to and from your event, and has a metal grill that covers the speaker for protection. An integrated 36mm pole-mount socket is included along with a speaker stand.

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