Professional Laptop Karaoke System, Yamaha DXR10 Speakers

Lightyear Music

$2,999.99 $3,599.99


System Customization Available! Give us a Call!

This System Includes

  • (2) Yamaha DXR10 Powered Speakers
  • Professional Karaoke Laptop
  • Karaoke Software
  • Pearlridge Sound KJ1 Mixer
  • (2) Dual UHF Microphone Sets (4 Mics Total)
  • (1) Professional 2 Space Laptop Rack Case
  • (2) Tripod Speaker Stands
  • All Cables Included!
  • 1000 Free Karaoke Songs ($3,000 Value)



FREE MEDIA PLAYER SOFTWARE ( Allows you to play CD+G & SUPER CD+G in the CD-ROM tray making your laptop a CD+G & SUPER CD+G Player!!) 
- VALUE $250.00 
FREE TEAMVIEWER PROFESSIONAL  (To help you from our location by logging in directly into your computer) 
- VALUE $850.00 
 FREE OUR UNBEATABLE LIFETIME TECH SUPPORT PROGRAM!! (Unlimited phone support help line) 
- VALUE $89.00/Per Hour 
 FREE Karaoke CD+G Burner Software (To make copies of Karaoke discs!!) 
- VALUE $50.00 
 FREE We will load MOST drivers for your mixer if you call us and let us know what mixer you're using. 
- VALUE $35.00 
- VALUE $99.99



Yamaha DXR10

  • High-powered portable loudspeaker with multi-use flexibility
  • 10" speaker, powered by 700W in a 2-way design
  • Built-in 3-channel mixer lets you connect microphones or line-level sources directly without an entire PA system
  • Built-in DSP for phase optimization and transparent dynamic control
  • ABS cabinet is durable with a low-resonance design for maximum sound quality

Professional Karaoke Laptop

1TB Laptop

  • Will hold over 200,000 Karaoke songs or DJ Music
  • 2 x HDMI
  • 15.6 inch Display


PearlRidge Sound KJ1 Mixer

  • 5 1/4" microphone inputs for wired or wireless mics. 3 inputs on the front and 2 on the rear.
  • Each mic input has its' own volume control for the perfect mix
  • Bass and Treble controls for the mics and  separate Bass and Treble control  for the music for great tone balance
  • Separate Master Volume for your mics
  • Separate Master Volume for your music
  • Separate Master Volume for your effects
  • Delay and Reverb Effects with depth and volume controls to enhance your performance
  • Dual stereo RCA inputs with control switch for audio / karaoke inputs
  • Dual professional XLR outputs to connect to your power amplifier (the Pearl Ridge 1600SL Ultra Light Amplifier would make a great choice) or a set of PearlRidge powered  speakers
  • A controllable XLR subwoofer output w/ with an adjustable crossover for your self powered subwoofer.
  • Only takes up 1 rack space (19" standard rack mount) in your case



PearlRidge Sound UHF 712 A Microphones

  • Exceptional Value Dual Hand Held Microphone System
  • Amazingly High Quality Mic Capsules for great sound
  • All Steel Body Design for transmitters and receiver for extreme durability
  • 100 Scan-able UHF Frequencies
  • Frequency Range effectively after July 2018 470-570 MHz
  • Excellent signal strength
  • 12 Volt Power Supply Included



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