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Professional Home Karaoke System Setup

This System Includes:

  • LYM Karaoke Home Speaker System
  • LYM DV90 Karaoke Player
  • Audio 2000's 6026 Dual Wireless Microphone System
  • 1000 Karaoke Songs


LYM DV90 Karaoke Player

This Player is a region-free DVD player, capable of playing back discs from any country. DVD's and DVD systems are generally assigned regions, and normally you can't play a DVD from one region on a player from another. The DV90 is switchable between NTSC and PAL broadcast standards, so it can be used in most countries. Furthermore, it supports worldwide-compatible 110-220V power input 

AWM6026VHF Dual-Channel Wireless System

The AWM6026 system has been designed and manufactured to be dependable, versatile and easy to use.  The AWM6026 system is intended to be readily accessible to everyone with exceptional performance at a preferred and affordable price.

LYM Karaoke Home Speaker System

This home audio entertainment system ideal for any occasion. Fitted out with an amplifier, two satellite speakers, a remote control, and a wireless microphone, the system is packed with all the features you need to get the party going. All this packaged in a crisp, stylish design, sporting LED effects as well as sleek, eye-catching ABS molding.

For an unrivaled listening experience, the system has a peak output of 4000 watts ensuring this system can fill any home with vibrant, sizzling audio. In addition, the dual 10” woofers allow you to dish out exceptional bass. For highs and midrange audio, both satellite speakers come with powerful tweeters and midrange drivers. Together, these features ensure this system covers the full audio spectrum from highs to lows.

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