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LightYear Musicis pleased to submit this proposal for services to support The Playground Bar and Grill (Rusty Jesset)in achieving its needs and goals for a new Video Projection System solution as well as training and post-sales support. For many years, we have partnered with dozens of professional equipment manufacturers throughout the nation to provide the highest quality of products available.
The Objective
• Needs 1: A substantial projection system (s) for HD viewing of all video signals.
• Needs 2: A user friendly and intuitive operation of all installed equipment.
The Opportunity
• Goal #1: To provide customers with a high definition video/broadcast and live performance experience.
• Goal #2: To allow staff members ease of operation of all equipment.
• Goal #3: Install equipment within budget, scope and deadlines.
Supplied Material
The following materials are to be supplied by The Playground Bar and Grill (Rusty Jesset) for this project. For LightYear Music to meet project milestones, this material must be supplied on schedule. The due dates included in the following table represent our best guess based on current proposed project dates: Materials to be supplied by The Playground Bar and Grill (Rusty Jesset) Due Date*
1- Single 20 Amp Service for LCD Projector
1- Electrical Tie-In for Projection Screen
1- DirectTV or any other Video Source and Cabling to the LCD Projector
*We cannot be responsible for cost overruns caused by client’s failure to deliver materials by agreed-upon due dates.
The following table details the pricing for delivery of the services outlined in this proposal. This pricing is valid for 30 from the date of this proposal: Services Costs
Labor Services Costs
8% Oh State Labor Tax
38.40 Equipment Costs
Video Projection System 
Cabling and Misc.Hardware 

8% OH State Sales Tax

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