Pearlridge Sound U-712A Professional Dual Wireless Handheld Microphones UHF

Pearlridge Sound

$349.99 $999.99

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PearlRidge Sound U-712A

Same Microphones we sold to 

Lebron James 

Justin Verlander

Shawn Marion 

Lead singer of the drifters

Gatlin Brothers 

Many other famous Superstars!!

                        Professional HIGH END Microphones!!


Steel Body Design
100 Scan-able Frequencies
Frequency Range 512-560 mhz 
100 Frequencies
50Mhz Bandwidth
12v Power Supply
Each Microphone runs on 2 AA batteries
Super Strong Signal

(Better clarity than SM58)

 (Much better Construction than Sure wireless system)

(Rack Mount kit is sold separately please call or email. $19.99)

The PearlRidge Sound U-712 Microphone series is one of the best on the market for the price. The microphone receiver offers 100 scannable frequencies and the easiest one button ways to perform syncing your handheld microphones or body packs. The receiver features a 1/4" mixed output and two balanced XLR outputs for each individual microphone. The ability to change your volume and frequency is started by pressing the set button and then the up/down arrows to follow. A 1/4" to 1/4" cable is included with the antennas for higher microphone range.The Handheld microphone features a lock switch inside the body of the microphone to keep it from being turned on/off by the user as well as a low/high RF switch to adjust the microphones sensitivity. The body pack comes with a lavalier for each unit and a 1/8" input for any headset with a 1/8" jack. The body pack features a mute switch on the top of the body pack. There are two more buttons inside the body pack, one of which is a simple on/off button and the other is a set button for changing frequencies, sensitivity and the identity of the microphone. The red IR square panel inside each body pack and handheld microphone are to be faced at the IR on the front of the receiver for pairing/syncing the transmitter to the receiver. The Handheld model is U-712A and the body pack is U-712C. If you which to purchase a pack with both the handheld and body pack your model number would be U-712AC. You can use up to two devices on a single receiver at a time. You can use multiple receivers at the same time to run more than two devices up to one-hundred devices at once.  

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