JBL Professional Laptop Karaoke System 12" JBL Speakers With Free Karaoke Songs


$2,599.00 $5,959.99


JBL Professional Laptop Karaoke System 12" JBL Speakers With Free Karaoke Songs

System Includes:

  • Karaoke/DJ Laptop 14" I3 or AMD9 or Better
  • DJ/Karaoke Software
  • Power CDG Burner/Player (EXTERNAL)
  • HDMI Port 
  • Teamviewer Pro Online Remote Assistance
  • Over 100,000 Karaoke Song Capacity
  • Pre-loaded with 1000 Karaoke Songs ($3000 value!!)
  • SONG LIST (Print outs by Artist and Title)
  • Pair of JBL EON 612 Powered Speakers 
  • Soundcraft Notepad 12FX Mixer
  • Professional Dual Wireless Karaoke Microphone LR-625
  • 1 Pro Wired Karaoke Microphone
  • 19" HDMI LCD Monitor (For Singer)
  • Tripod Monitor Stand with Microphone Holders
  • 18' HDMI Cable
  • USB A to B Cable 



FREE MEDIA PLAYER SOFTWARE ( Allows you to play CD+G & SUPER CD+G in the CD-ROM tray (EXTERNAL) making your laptop a CD+G & SUPER CD+G Player!!) 
- VALUE $250.00 
FREE TEAMVIEWER PROFESSIONAL  (To help you from our location by logging in directly into your computer) 
- VALUE $850.00 
- VALUE $89.00/Per Hour 
 FREE Karaoke CD+G Burner Software (To make copies of Karaoke discs!!) 
- VALUE $50.00 
 FREE We will load MOST drivers for your mixer if you call us and let us know what mixer you're using. 
- VALUE $35.00 

JBL EON 612 Powered Speakers

More than just another great JBL sound system, the new EON600 is a true step forward in technology developed specifically to deliver the best sound possible regardless of its application. Completely rethinking how truly good an affordable self-contained, portable PA system can be, JBL engineers purposely designed and built the EON600 from the ground up featuring JBL’s advanced waveguide technology, JBL designed and manufactured transducers, and convenient, wireless remote control of its onboard DSP EQ parameters via Bluetooth. This total redesign of the EON platform leverages the latest technologies in cabinet materials, acoustic science, transducer design and user friendliness that delivers the extraordinary quality of a high-end studio monitor in a fully professional, highly flexible, easy to use, portable system for today’s working musicians and sound providers

Purposeful Product Design
JBL Waveguide Technology

  • System Type Self powered 10”, two-way, bass-reflex
  • Max SPL Output 124 dB
  • Freq. Range (-10 dB) 52 Hz - 20 kHz
  • Freq. Response (±3 dB) 60 Hz - 20 kHz
  • Coverage Pattern 110° x 60°
  • Amplifier Design Class D
  • Power Rating 1000W Peak (700W LF + 300W HF), 500W Continuous (350W LF + 150W HF)
  • Dimensions (mm)
  • (H x W x D) (in) 558 x 322 x 295
  • 21.968 x 12.677 x 11.614

Soundcraft Notepad-12FX

Excellent Pres, USB, and Lexicon Effects

Whether you need a personal mixer onstage or an easy way to record at home, the Soundcraft Notepad-12FX is a great choice. This compact 12-channel mixer includes four of Soundcraft's excellent preamps and additional inputs for keyboards and other stereo gear. There's a 4-channel USB audio interface onboard, which is great for live recording, music production, DJing, and any other application that requires multichannel audio streaming. There are also three digital effects from Lexicon onboard the Notepad-12FX, and they come complete with tap tempo and adjustable parameters.

Soundcraft Notepad-12FX Compact Mixer Features:

  • A compact 12-channel mixer that's great for mixing onstage or recording in your home studio
  • Includes 4 microphone preamplifiers with phantom power, 100Hz highpass filters, and 3-band EQs
  • Channels 1 and 3 include a hi-Z instrument-level input for running guitar or bass direct
  • Line-level inputs on 4 additional channels accommodate keyboards, playback devices, and consumer music gear
  • Onboard Lexicon digital effects include delay, chorus, and reverb
  • Tap tempo and a parameter adjustment knob let you dial in each effect to your material
  • USB provides 4-in/4-out connectivity for recording and audio streaming
  • Outputs include flexible monitoring options and balanced XLR main outs


Tech Specs

Type Analog Mixer with USB interface
Channels 12 x 2
Inputs - Mic Preamps 4 x XLR-1/4" combo (mic/line, 2 x Hi-Z)
Phantom Power Yes
Inputs - Line 4 x 1/4" (2 x stereo), 2 x RCA
Inputs - Other 2 x 1/4" (line/FX return)
Outputs - Main 2 x XLR (master)
Headphones 1 x 1/4"
EQ Bands 3-band EQ
Effects Lexicon Delay, Chorus, Reverb
Aux Sends 1 x 1/4" (Aux/FX)
Faders 1 x master fader
USB 1 x Type B
Computer Connectivity USB (4 x 2)
OS Requirements - Mac OS X 10.10 or later
OS Requirements - PC Windows 7 SP1 or later (with Soundcraft driver)
Power Source External power supply
Height 3.5"
Width 13.4"
Depth 11.9"
Weight 5.1 lbs.


    These professional UHF wireless cardiod microphones are excellent. These microphones will have you sounding your best with great clarity.

    These mics are better sound than a Sure SM58 wireless system.

    LR625 UHF Wireless Dual Hand Mic Set

    Includes UHF Receiver 

    2x UHF Cardiod Microphones

    Power supply 220volt

    Works on AA batteries for ease of use



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