Hawaiian Home Karaoke System

Lightyear Music

$1,599.99 $1,999.99


This System Includes:

  • RSQ NEO-22 Pro Karaoke Player
  • Dual Wireless Microphone System
  • (2) Yamaha HS8 Active Speakers
  • 100 Hawaiian Language Karaoke classics


The NEO 22 Karaoke Player by RSQ is without a doubt the hottest player / computer on the market!  Imagine having a player that can do it all!!!  Plays CD-G's, USB, VCD, DVD and SD. Hook up to ANY monitor or TV with HDMI, VGA and Yellow RCA cable.Record instantly and play back with the click of a button!!! Put your CD-G in the disc tray and burn the disc directly to a flash drive!

Yamaha HS8 Active Speaker

The Yamaha HS8 active speaker is ideal for home use. This is one of the clearest and loudest speakers available for entry level professional home use. Bookshelf sized but packing a huge punch.

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