CAVS SA-G1012W Karaoke System


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Mobile Karaoke System - CAVS SA-G1012W

CAVS SA-G1012W Karaoke System combines CAVS engineering with an easy-to-use mobile setup. Our customers asked for a system that could be setup and put away in seconds while maintaining the simplicity of selecting and updating songs. CAVS SA-G1012W is our answer with plug-and-play setup, touch screen control, and paperless E-Songbooks.


  • Simply plug in the power cord and you are ready to karaoke with CAVS SA-G1012W.
  • Search songs, shuffle queue, control key & tempo, etc. all on the built-in Touch Screen.
  • Connect wirelessly to E-Songbooks, iPads, iPhones, and Android devices to view and reserve songs.
  • Expand to external TVs, external sound systmes, and multiple touch screens with ready connections.

Each CAVS SA-G1012W System can be custom built to suit your needs. The basic level system includes:

  • CAVS SA-95 Touch Screen Karaoke Player
  • Dual Wireless UHF Microphones
  • Karaoke Mixer
  • Wireless Router to connect CAVS E-Songbooks, iPads, iPhones, and Android Devices
  • External Sound Card for smooth analog sound
  • VGA to RCA Converter to connect to TVs and Monitors
  • Rear Plate with easy connections to VGA Video, RCA Video, RCA Audio, and XLR Audio
  • Road case with racheting platform and wheels
  • Surge Protector and Custom Wiring

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