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Compact PA System 
With Everything Included
XL Carpeted Cabinet SpeakerXL Carpeted Cabinet Speaker

12" 1800 Watt Passive Pro Audio Speakers

1800 Watts Recommended Power per speaker
50Hz - 20kHz Frequency Response
95dB Efficiency/Sensitivity
8ohm Impedance
12" Woofer with 1.5" Voice Coil and 35oz. Magnet per speaker
7.5" x 3" Piezo Horn Midrange per speaker
Three 2" Piezo Horn Tweeters per speaker
Two 5" passive radiators on side panels per speaker
1/4" Jack Input and 1/4" Jack Output per speaker to Daisy Chain to Another Passive Speaker
Spring Loaded Raw Wire Connections per speaker
Digitally Tuned Ports For Better Bass Response per speaker
Built-In Pole Socket for Stand per speaker
Full Length Perforated Steel Grill per speaker
2 Integral Carry Handles per speaker
Reinforced Corners
Bass Reflex Designed Cabinets
Impact-Forgiving Black Aviation Carpet
Dimensions per speaker (H x W x D): 26" x 15" x 14"
Designed And Engineered In USA


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Technical Pro - Digital Hybrid Amplifier/Preamp
Back View
Digital Hybrid Amplifier/Preamp Tuner
Pro Digital Hybrid 1500 Watt Amplifier / Preamp /
Tuner with USB/SD Card & Bluetooth Inputs
In today’s world of professional audio too often are we bogged down with multiple pieces of large and heavy gear. Consolidation is the name of the game.  HYBRID technology is the answer to all of your needs. The 1500 watt amp is a combined Amplifier / Pre-amplifier / Tuner built with the same quality design you would expect from our superior technology. Pushing out 1500 watts of peak power and hosting a 7.2 channel up conversion this unit will exceed all expectations.
Audio 2000s VHF 2 Channels Handheld Wireless Microphone
VHF Band Frequency 170 - 220 Mhz Fixed Frequency
One 1/4" Mixed Microphone Output. (Doesn't support AUX input)
Two Individual Level Control
Audio Frequency Response: 40 - 20,000Hz.
Operating Range: 100 Ft within line of sight.
Product Dimensions: 3.0 x 15.7 x 11.6 inches
Weight: 2.65 lbs
Product description
The AWM6026V system has been engineered to be dependable VHF system with a wide audio frequency range, high S/N ratio, and outstanding performance equal to that of any professional wireless systems costing much more. This is achieved through strict component selection and high quality circuit design. A delicately designed silence circuit eliminates static noise when the transmitters are either turned off or out of transmission range. An auto mute circuit is incorporated in these systems to effectively eliminate the popping noise when the switch is turned on or off.
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Pair of Tripod Speaker Stands



Complete Cable Package

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