American DJ Color Stand LED Accu-Stand Telescoping Color-Changing LED Speaker Stand

Lightyear Music


These LED Light Up Speaker Stands are the best bang for the buck on the market.  Perfect for any DJ/Karaoke Event!  Boost up your karaoke show with amazing LED features such as the Accustand CSL-100!

If you use portable speaker, you need stands. American Audio has reinvented the humble speaker stand to be an eye-catching statement that helps to create a safe and inviting atmosphere. With a familiar shape and offering adjustable height between 3.6ft and 6.14ft, the Color Stand LED (CSL-100) can support any speaker up to a weight of 60 pounds. 

What sets it apart from any other stand on the market is its legs, which are constructed from robust opaque polycarbonate and contain a series of multi-color LEDs. These can be used to make the legs glow in a choice of 20 static colors or come to life through the use of 22 dynamic modes, which can be adjusted with variable speed and brightness. 

Controlled via an IR remote (supplied as standard) the Color Stand LED)CSL-100 is not only ideal for creating a professional look that adds a measure of safety as well.

Maximum height of just over six feet and 60 lbs. load capacity. 


  • Height adjustment 3.6 ft - 6.14 ft
  • Load Capacity: 60 lbs.
  • Upper shaft tubing: 35mm
  • Material: Steel + PVC
  • Includes IR remote
  • 22 Dynamic Modes
  • 20 Static Colors
  • Direct Color Select
  • Speed Adjustable
  • Brightness adjustment
  • Demo Program Mode
  • Remote Distance 15m in open area

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