Professional Karaoke System, Bluetooth Karaoke, Youtube Karaoke, Professional Sound System

Lightyear Music

$1,299.99 $2,399.99


Amazing New Karaoke System with Bluetooth Active Double 12" Speakers!

Perfect for professional karaoke hosts!

This system includes:

  • Active Double 12" Speaker Bluetooth Pair
  • KJ1 Mic Mixer
  • Professional Quad UHF Wireless Microphones
  • Rack Mountable Power Supply
  • Professional 4 Space Rack Case
  • Professional Light Show
  • 2 Professional Speaker Stands


• 5 Band Equalizer
• RGB LED Light
• Bluetooth
• FM Radio
• USB/SD Card
• USB/SD Recording
• LED Display
• RCA Aux-In
• Microphone
• Microphone Input
• Microphone Volume
• Microphone Echo
• Guitar Input
• Guitar Volume
• Remote Control
• Handle and Wheels
• Rechargeable Battery
• DC 12V Input
• Power: AC 100-240V 60Hz-50Hz

PearlRidge Sound PR-KJ1 Microphone Mixer

Item Specifications:

  • 5 Total 1/4" microphone inputs for wired or wireless mics. 3 inputs on the front and 2 on the rear
  • 3 Separate Mic Control Knobs
  • Separate Master Volume Control for your Music
  • Separate Master Volume Control for your Microphones
  • Separate Master Volume Control for your Master Echo
  • Bass and Treble controls for music control
  • Bass and Treble controls for microphones
  • Delay and Reverb Effects with depth and volume controls to enhance your performance
  • Dual stereo RCA inputs with control switch for audio / karaoke inputs
  • Dual professional XLR outputs (Easy connect to your powered speakers)
  • A controllable XLR Sub woofer output w/ with an adjustable crossover for your self powered Sub woofer.
  • Only takes up 1 rack space in your case
  • 19 inch standard rack mount

PearlRidge Sound LR-625 Wireless Mics

These professional UHF wireless cardiod microphones are excellent. These microphones will have you sounding your best with great clarity.

These mics are better sound than a Sure SM58 wireless system.

LR-625 UHF Wireless Dual Hand Mic Set

Includes UHF Receiver 

2x UHF Cardiod Microphones

Power supply 220volt

Works on AA batteries for ease of use


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