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Advanced Karaoke Player System - RSQ NEO 22 & More

RSQ NEO 22 Karaoke Player

If you’re looking for a karaoke player that can do it all, the Neo-22 is the perfect machine for you. This model is the latest installment to our highly successful RSQ line of Karaoke Players. Due to its multi-format capability and recording function the Neo-22 is currently one of the most sought after machines. Along with its great body this model was designed with high quality original JVC/RSQ tooling. Its design and system makes it easy to operate, record, and rip your music. Without doubt this machine is perfect for all Kj’s/Dj’s as well as Karaoke Aficionados.
Compatible formats NEO+G, CD+G, MP3+G, DVD, MPEG4, DivX, Xvid, MP3 etc.
Fast Ripping NEO+G, CD+G, MP3+G disc directly into USB/SD Card at MP3+G format
 Record singing with MP3+G and CD+G into USB/SD Card at MP3 w/ lyrics
 Easy song search : On-Screen Song Index and Song Number
 15 Steps Digital  Key Control
 Scoring Function 
 Compatible with High Capacity USB External Hard Disk Drive
 Song List Creator
 Rack Mountable 

LYM 2500 Watt Mixing Amp

2500 watts peak power

7.2 Channel up conversion

Inputs: RCA (2CH input, 5.1 CH input), USB and SD Card, iPod / MP3
Outputs: Banana binding post (4 full range speakers), Push button (surround sound speakers), 2 RCA (Record line, Pre-amp output), 2 mono RCA (Subwoofer)
Separate gain controls for Pre-amplifier and subwoofer outputs
AM / FM digital tuner
Dual microphone inputs (1/4
Microphone volume, bass, treble and echo controls
Digital fluorescent output display
Removable rack-mount brackets
Remote Control
Weight: 18 lbs
Dimensions: 19''w x 3.5''h x 13''d
110-220V Switchable 
 AWM6112 - Plug-In-N-RechargeTM VHF Dual Channel Wireless Microphone System
The Audio2000'S® AWM6112 Plug-In-N-RechargeTM VHF dual channel wireless microphone system is a wireless microphone system with the recharge mechanism right on the top of the receiver (AWR6112) and on the microphone (AWX6112). Intended to be a solution provider for various application environment, the AWM6112 system is developed to provide the following benefits to the users:
Friendliness: The Plug-In-N-RechargeTM feature, with the recharge mechanism built right on the microphone and the receiver, makes the wireless microphone systems ready to be used at any time.
A rack-mount kit is included such that the AWM6112 is rack mountable.                          
Dependability: The AWM6112 system has been designed and manufactured to be dependable, problem free, versatile and easy to use.                                             
Portability: The color cardboard box is designed to be carried easily and is, hence, highly portable.                                    
Quality: The AWM6112 system has been engineered to have a wide audio frequency range, high S/N ratio, and outstanding performance. Three NiMH AA rechargeable batteries are used for each handheld microphone to avoid the traditional NiCd battery memory problems.                                 
Affordability:  The AWM6112 system is intended to be readily accessible to everyone with exceptional performance at a preferred and affordable price.                                           


* VHF Band Frequency
* Recharge Mechanism Built-in on the Receiver
* Balanced and Unbalanced Audio Outputs
* Full Rack Case with Power and RF Indicators
* Fluorescence Display
* RF Input with Built-in RF Preamplifier to Improve S/N Ratio, Sensitivity and Dynamic Range
* Low Noise Mixer Circuitry for Reducing interference
* 120V-240V AC Power Supply
Power On/Off Switch
Channel 1 Volume Level Control
Channel 1 Recharge LED Indicator
Fluorescence Display
Channel 2 Volume Level Control
Channel 2 Recharge LED Indicator

     AUDIO 2000'S ASP5210 3-WAY


    If you are looking for a pair of professional speakers for your karaoke applications, the Audio2000'S® ASP5210 full range 10" two-way loudspeaker is the answer for you.  The reasons? Please look at the following product benefits for you:
    Portability:          Relatively light weight (20 lbs) for its sound level driving capability (Power: 300W, max; 150W, rms; Freq. Response: 40-20,000Hz; Sensitivity: 94dB @ 1W 1M).
    Mountability:     A built-in internal speaker mounting top hat makes it possible that a light-weight karaoke speaker can just be placed on the top of a speaker stand without using an external mounting device.
    Connectability:  A pair of banana jacks are utilized for connecting the speaker cables.
    Sound Quality:  A high efficiency 10” woofer, a pair of 3 ½” tweeters and a built-in crossover circuitry are provided for smoothly transforming the electrical acoustic signal to full and transparent sound waves.
    Affordability:     Wow, what a price tag for such a wonderful sound drivng power!
    As a result, the ASP5210 loudspeaker is specifically designed and developed for your karaoke applications at home or at a commercial locations.
    ASP5210 Loudspeaker Features:
    * 300Watts, 2-Way System
    * 1 X 10"  Woofer + 2 X 3 1/2" Tweeters
    * Banana Jacks for Speaker Cable Connection
    * Internal Speaker Mounting Top Hat
    * Acoustic-Tune Ports for Superior Sound Venting
    * 12dB / Octave High-Pass Crossover Network
    ASP5210 Loudspeaker Specifications
    8 Ohms, Nominal
    Dimension (W X H X D)
    20" X 11 5/8" X 10 1/2" (51 X 29.5 X 26.5 cm)
    Frequency Response
    40 - 20 KHz (+/- 3 dB)
    94 dB @ 1M, 1W
    Weight 22 lbs (10 Kgs)
    Power Output
    300W Max; 150W RMS



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