Pioneer DJ System DDJ-SR2, XPRS-15, XPRS215S Complete Professional DJ System

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$7,298.00 $9,999.00


Pioneer DJ System DDJ-SR2/XPRS-15/XPRS 215S Complete Professional DJ System

What's Included:


1,000 Downloaded DJ Track Package

1TB Laptop Holds 200,000 songs!!

Serato DJ INTRO Software

Pioneer DDJ-SR2 Controller

Pair of Pioneer XPRS 15 Speakers

Pair of Pioneer XPRS 215S Subwoofers

Pair of Pioneer HRM-5 Headphones

Pair of Speaker Poles

4 of 25' XLR Cables

USB Cable

15' Microphone Cable

PearlRidge Sound U-712 Wireless Microphones

FREE Technical Support 

                                       This package Values for over $10,000

     Please allow 10-12 business days for delivery 

What are you getting?

Looking for a professional portable dj system with the best available equipment in the business?  Look no further!  This system will impress from the beginning of setup til the end of the party!  We have used some of Pioneers best pieces of equipment to put together a high end entry level dj system for you to travel in any size vehicle.  If you want to customize this system, simply give us a call and we can make any adjustments to meet your needs.  The Software will be downloaded on the laptop for you and all of the setup complete.  All of the cables are included with this package.  We will support you!  You simply give us a call after receiving your system and one of our technicians will walk you through the setup and how to use the system.  Don't forget!  Our technicians are DJ's/Prosound Installers/Karaoke Hosts!

                           Serato DJ INTRO Professional DJ Laptop

Pioneer DDJ-SR2 Contoller

Pioneer XPRS 15 Active/Powered Speakers

Pioneer XPRS 215S Active/Powered Subwoofers

Pioneer HRM-5 DJ Headphones

Speaker Poles

PearlRidge Sound U-712 Wireless Microphones

Complete Cable Package

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