Multi-Format Karaoke Player w/ MP3+G Recording to SD Card!

The RSQ Star Singer 800 is more than just a Karaoke Player, it’s the next generation in digital recording and karaoke video technology. The recording feature allows you to record your live performances to an SD card! Save all your performances and upload them to your computer, burn them to a disc or send performances to your friends and family! Be a Karaoke Star with the RQS Star Singer 800!

Operators Manual in PDF Format

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Star singer 800

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Hi Res Photo of back of the RSQ Star Singer 800

Star Singer 800 Included Items

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It's so easy to record your singing!

Just follow these easy steps: 1) Insert a SD Card into the MP3+G Recording slot. 2) Play any karaoke song from the disc tray, USB drive, SD Card or other audio source from the Line In input. 3) Push the RECORD button. You know it is recording when the REC LED blinks red. 4) Push the RECORD button or RETURN button to stop recording. 5) Switch to MP3+G mode to play the recorded file (The recorded file is in the "DIGITAL RECORDINGS" folder) It's that simple!

RSQ Star Singer 800 Operators Manual in PDF Format


Recording Features:


Shipping weight: 18 lbs.