Numark Cue Package

Numark Cue 7 DJ Software Package Powered by Virtual DJ . This DJ Package includes over 1300 Karaoke Songs on a original Karaoke DVD. A external USB Hard Drive to store Karaoke Music, DJ Music, DJ Videos, and more. The hard rrive can store a total of 100,000 Karaoke songs or DJ Songs in the mp3 or mp3 g format at 128 bit resolution. We do not know how many music videos it will store at this time. Some math 50,000 karaoke songs plus 50,000 dj songs = 100,000 songs.

Package Includes

1- Numark Cue 7 / Karaoke - DJ- Video DJ Numark Cue 7 Software

1- Karaoke Music DVD incudes over 1300 SongsKaraoke Music DVD

1- Hard Drive to Store - Karaoke Music - DJ Music- Music VideosKaraoke DJ Video DJ Hard Drive


Karaoke and DJ Software

Streamlined, social, and connected.

CUE is the most reliable, intuitive DJ software. It empowers DJs to mix, scratch, juggle, and sample audio and video on its dual virtual decks. You can use CUE just like you use vinyl, CDs, or most other DJ formats. Just load tracks from your virtual crates to the virtual decks and mix it up. Working with digital tracks is just like it’s always been since the days of vinyl, and you can control with your mouse or select from a wide range of Numark controllers, decks, and mixers for the feel you prefer.

CUE supports Numark's NS7, V7, MIXTRACK. OMNI CONTROL, STEALTH CONTROL, TOTAL CONTROL and iDJ3. Support is also present for Akai Pro MPD controllers, LPK25 and LPD8.


Multi Deck:

Audio: Database Management: Video engine: Record and Broadcast:


While many other programs require you to adapt your style to their layout, CUE has a series of software skins that tailor the actual look and layout of the program to your mixing needs. You can select Basic, Power Audio, Internal Mixer, and Full Audio and Video for the setup that’s right for you.


CUE enables you to play directly from a CD or from a variety of digital audio files including MP3, MP3Pro, MP4, M4A, WAV, AIFF, DVD, WMV, CDA, WMA, ASF, OGG, and iTunes ACC (non-DRM). On the video side of things, CUE handles DVD, VOB, DIVX, MPG (1, 2, 4), AVI, WMV, and Karaoke (CD+G) files with ease. CUE also supports VST plug-ins and is compatible with virtually any MIDI controller including NS7, TOTAL CONTROL, STEALTH CONTROL, OMNI CONTROL, iCDX, M1USB, C3USB, X1USB, DJ|iO, VIRTUAL VINYL, and more. CUE also supports DirectX and multi-channel ASIO.


CUE has advanced, extensive cueing capabilities that enable you to expand your performance beyond the standard. CUE has video on-screen cueing, audio cueing in headphones, outputs to a club’s video screens and audio system(s), and even the ability to broadcast video and audio on the web!


CUE empowers you to mix, scratch, and interchange audio and video for traditional or multimedia performances. See the visual waveform of the track in CUE’s Rhythm Window for flawless mix accuracy. CUE can automatically sync tracks together for effortless song transitions. CUE automatically detects BPM on virtually any track to help you make your own transitions.

CUE’s video and audio mixers contain multiple video transitions and effects. You can also choose from a variety of built–in effects, add VST plug-ins, and create beat–matched loops and samples for on the fly remixes.

If you’re playing a karaoke gig, you’ll appreciate CUE’s automatic CD+G file detection allows that shows all of your karaoke files with a single click.


CUE is designed around the basic rule that you can’t mix what you can’t find. So we made search powerful, fast, and flexible. You can easily search and locate audio and video on your system by searchable by Title, Artist, BPM, Track Length, and even by Comments – nine different tag categories in all! Files are automatically added to CUE’s global search database when you add them to your system by downloading, importing, inserting, or connecting them. CUE’s smart database management automatically checks your library when you launch the program and fixes any problems it finds.


CUE has extensive video performance capabilities and works with virtually all formats. You can add powerful effects and text titles. Its video clip player gives you sampler-style playback. There’s also a slide show plug-in.


CUE has a series of tools for managing playlists and history. Play History Management automatically records what you played and when. CUE stores playlists in your documents directory for easy management and portability. Plus, it’s compatible with crates and iTunes playlists.

Karaoke Music Included on DVD

00001|The Days Of Wine And Roses|Standard
00003|The Way You Look Tonight|Standard
00004|Im Old Fashioned|Standard
00005|My Romance|Standard
00006|On A Slow Boat To China|Standard
00007|Angel Eyes|Standard
00008|Satin Doll|Standard
00009|My One And Only Love|Standard
00011|Scotch And Soda|Standard
00012|Good Morning Heartache|Standard
00013|Like Someone In Love|Standard
00014|You Dont Know What Love Is|Standard
00015|Summer Wind|Standard
00016|Body And Soul|Standard
00017|Autumn Leaves|Standard
00018|You Stepped Out Of A Dream|Standard
00019|Heres That Rainy Day|Standard
00020|Thou Swell|Standard
00021|Blame It On My Youth|Standard
00022|Green Dolphin Street|Julie London
00023|It Could Happen To You|Frank Sinatra
00024|A Child Is Born|Standard
00025|Oh Look At Me Now|Standard
00026|Stella By Starlight|Frank Sinatra
00027|Everything Happens To Me|Standard
00028|Therell Never Be Another You|Standard
00029|This Time The Dreams On Me|Standard
00030|Auld Lang Syne|Traditional
00031|The Song Is You|Standard
00033|I Could Write A Book|Standard
00034|Just One Of Those Things|Standard
00035|Polka Dots And Moonbeams|Standard
00036|Sweet Georgia Brown|Standard
00037|Young And Foolish|Standard
00038|When Sunny Gets Blue|Standard
00039|You Took Advantage Of Me|Standard
00040|You Turned The Tables On Me|Standard
00041|How Insensitive|Standard
00043|The Anniversary Song|Standard
00044|Santa Claus Is Coming To Town|Christmas Songs
00045|Feel Your Love Tonight|Van Halen
00046|Mexican Blackbird|Zz Top
00047|Stealin|Uriah Heep
00048|I Knew The Bride|Nick Lowe
00049|My Best Friends Girl|Cars
00050|Been Down So Long|The Doors
00051|Hypnotized|Fleetwood Mac
00052|Wives And Lovers|Frank Sinatra
00053|Im Eighteen|Alice Cooper
00054|Katmandu|Bob Seger
00055|God Gave Rock N Roll To You|Kiss
00056|The Lowspark Of High Heeled Boy|Traffic
00057|More Theme From Mondo Cane|Frank Sinatra
00058|Paranoid War Pigs Live|Black Sabbath
00059|The Boys Are Back In Town|Bus Boys
00060|Switch into Glide|The Kinks
00061|Shakin|Eddie Money
00062|Satisfied|Richard Marx
00063|Lightning Crashes|Live
00064|Runaway|Bon Jovi
00065|Lay It On The Line|Triumph
00066|Sara Smile|Daryl Hall John
00069|Love Lies Bleeding|Elton John
00070|Tenth Ave Freeze Out|Bruce Springsteen
00071|Cant Take My Eyes Off Of You|Lauryn Hill
00072|Heartbreak Hotel|W Houston F Eva
00073|These Are The Times|Dru Hill
00074|Ex Factor|Lauryn Hill
00075|Slide|Goo Goo Dolls
00076|Its Not Right But Its okay|Whitney Houston
00078|Doo Wap That Thing|Lauryn Hill
00079|Unsent|Alanis Morissette
00080|Jumper|Third Eye Blind
00081|Sin City|Meredith Brooks
00082|Truly Madly Deeply|Savage Garden
00083|Uninvited|Alanis Morissette
00084|The Boy Is Mine|Brandy And Moni
00085|Gettin Jiggy Wit It|Will Smith
00086|You And Me And The Bottle Makes|Big Bad Voodoo
00087|This Cats On A Hot Tin Roof|Brian Setzer Or
00088|Hell|Squirrel Nut Zippers
00089|Zoot Suit Riot|Cherry Poppin D
00090|Hey Pachuco|Royal Crown Revue
00091|Jump Jive And Wail|Brian Setzer Orchestra
00092|The Ding Dong Daddy Of The D Ca|Cherry Poppin D
00093|Zip Gun Bop Reloaded|Royal Crown Rev
00094|Put A Lid On It|Squirrel Nut Zippers
00095|The Indigo Swing|Indigo Swing
00096|Stray Cat Strut|Stray Cats
00097|Rock This Town|Stray Cats
00098|This Old House|Brian Setzer Orchestra
00099|I Dont Want To Miss A Thing|Aerosmith
00100|My Favorite Mistake|Sheryl Crow
00101|Across The Universe|Fiona Apple
00102|Adia|Sarah Mclachlan
00103|Bitch|Meredith Brooks
00105|Thank You|Alanis Morissette
00106|Sex And Candy|Marcy Playground
00107|My Heart Will Go On|Celine Dion
00108|How Do I Live|LeAnn Rimes
00109|When You Believe|Whitney HoustonM Carey
00110|Love Like This Before|Faith Evans
00112|Where Have All The Cowboys Gone|Paula Cole
00113|Forgiven|Alanis Morissette
00114|Sweet Surrender|Sarah Mclachlan
00115|Welcome To My Nightmare|Alice Cooper
00116|I Love The Dead|Alice Cooper
00117|Under My Wheels|Alice Cooper
00118|Generation Landslide|Alice Cooper
00119|Raped And Freezing|Alice Cooper
00120|Desperado|Alice Cooper
00121|I Never Cry|Alice Cooper
00122|Billion Dollar Babies|Alice Cooper
00123|Feed My Frankenstein|Alice Cooper
00124|Some Folks|Alice Cooper
00125|Be My Lover|Alice Cooper
00126|Sick Things|Alice Cooper
00127|Hello Hooray|Alice Cooper
00128|Ballad Of Dwight Fry|Alice Cooper
00129|Dead Babies|Alice Cooper
00130|I Found Someone|Cher
00131|I Got You Babe|Sonny And Cher
00132|Love Hurts|Cher
00133|Save Up All Your Tears|Cher
00134|Shoop Shoop Song Its In His Kis|Cher
00135|Baby Dont Go|Cher
00136|Bang Bang|Cher
00137|The Beat Goes On|Cher
00138|Love And Understanding|Cher
00139|Just Like Jesse James|Cher
00140|Heart Of Stone|Cher
00141|Gypsies Tramps And Thieves|Cher
00142|Dark Lady|Cher
00143|All I Ever Need Is You|Cher
00144|Half Breed|Cher
00145|Sometimes|Britney Spears
00146|Strong Enough|Cher
00147|Angel|Sarah Mclachlan
00148|Kiss Me|Sixpence None The Richer
00149|No Scrubs|TLC
00150|Lullaby In Blue|Bette Midler
00151|Baby One More Time|Britney Spears
00152|Remember Me|Journey
00153|Nothing Even Matters|Lauryn Hill
00154|Naked Without You|Taylor Dayne
00155|Fly Away|Lenny Kravitz
00156|Lullaby|Shawn Mullins
00157|Written In The Stars|Elton John Lean
00158|Torn|Natalie Imbruglia
00159|The Animal Song|Savage Garden
00160|Simultaneous|Chef South Park
00161|Come Sail Away|Eric Cartman
00162|Love Gravy|Chef South Park
00163|No Substitute Oh Kathy Lee|Chef South Park
00164|Wake Up Wendy|Elton John
00165|Tonight Is Right For Love|Chef Meatloaf
00166|Chocolate Salty Ps I Love You|Chef South Park
00167|Feel Like Makin Love|Ned Gerblansky
00168|Im Horny|The 2 Live Crew
00170|Kennys Dead|Master P
00171|Kyles Moms A Bitch|Eric Cartman
00172|What The Hell Happened To Me|Adam Sandler
00173|Ode To My Car|Adam Sandler
00174|Closer|Nine Inch Nails
00175|Be Careful Cuidado Con Mi Coraz|Ricky Martin
00176|Bella Shes All I Ever Had|Ricky Martin
00177|I Am Made Of You|Ricky Martin
00178|I Count The Minutes|Ricky Martin
00179|La Copa De La Vida|Ricky Martin
00180|Livin La Vida Loca|Ricky Martin
00181|Livin La Vida Loca Spanish|Ricky Martin
00182|Love You For A Day|Ricky Martin
00183|Private Emotion|Ricky Martin
00184|Shake Your Bon Bon|Ricky Martin
00185|Shes All I Ever Had|Ricky Martin
00186|Spanish Eyes|Ricky Martin
00187|You Stay With Me|Ricky Martin
00188|Hells Bells|AC DC
00189|Pour Some Sugar On Me|Def Leppard
00190|Crazy Train|Ozzy Osbourne
00191|Every Rose Has Its Thorn|Poison
00192|Everything About You|Ugly Kid Joe
00193|Dirty White Boy|Foreigner
00194|Plush|Stone Temple Pilots
00195|Interstate Love Song|Stone Temple Pilots
00196|You Really Got Me|Van Halen
00197|Ziggy Stardust|David Bowie
00198|Back In Black|AC DC
00199|Goodbye To Romance|Ozzy Osbourne
00200|Why Cant This Be Love|Van Halen
00201|Spacetruckin|Deep Purple
00202|Train Kept A Rollin|Aerosmith
00203|Something To Believe In|Poison
00204|Reddy To Run|Dixie Chicks
00205|I Can Love You Better|Dixie Chicks
00206|Let Er Rip|Dixie Chicks
00207|Loving Arms|Dixie Chicks
00208|Once Youve Loved Somebody|Dixie Chicks
00209|Theres Your Trouble|Dixie Chicks
00210|Tonight The Heartaches On Me|Dixie Chicks
00211|Wide Open Spaces|Dixie Chicks
00212|You Were Mine|Dixie Chicks
00213|Dear Me|Lorrie Morgan
00214|What Part Of No|Lorrie Morgan
00215|Heart Over Mind|Lorrie Morgan
00216|I Didnt Know My Own Strength|Lorrie Morgan
00217|Watch Me|Lorrie Morgan
00218|Five Minutes|Lorrie Morgan
00219|Looking Through Your Eyes|LeAnn Rimes
00220|Blue|LeAnn Rimes
00221|Hurt Me|LeAnn Rimes
00222|Melissa|The Allman Brot
00223|Cant You See|Marshall Tucker
00224|Long Haired Country Boy|The Charlie Dan
00225|Im Bad Im Nationwide|Zz Top
00226|Look At Little Sister|Stevie Ray Vaughan
00227|Cold Shot|Stevie Ray Vaughan
00228|Beer Drinkers And Hell Raisers|Zz Top
00229|Hold On Loosely|38 Special
00230|Blue Jean Blues|Zz Top
00231|One Way Out|The Allman Brot
00232|24 Hours At A Time|Marshall Tucker Band
00233|Aint Wastin Time No More|The Allman Brot
00234|Dreams|Molly Hatchett
00235|Sweet Home Alabama|Lynyrd Skynyrd
00236|Free Bird|Lynyrd Skynyrd
00237|God Must Have Spent A Little More Time|Alabama
00238|My Kind Of Woman|Vince Gill Patt
00239|Write This Down|George Strait
00241|Hello LOVE|John Michael Mo
00242|The Secret Of Life|Faith Hill
00243|Lesson In Leavin|Jo Dee Messina
00244|One Honest Heart|Reba Mcentire
00245|Almost Home|Mary Chapin Carpenter
00246|Gone Crazy|Alan Jackson
00247|Ill Still Love You More|Trisha Yearwood
00248|Please Remember Me|Tim Mcgraw
00249|That Dont Impress Me Much|Shania Twain
00250|Whatever You Say|Martina Mcbride
00251|From This Moment On|Shania Twain
00252|Bills Bills Bills|Destinys Child
00253|If You Had My Love|Jennifer Lopez
00254|Last Kiss|Pearl Jam
00255|Genie In A Bottle|Christina Aguilera
00256|I Want It That Way|Backstreet Boys
00257|The Hardest Thing|98 Degrees
00258|Wild Wild West|Will Smith
00260|Youll Be In My Heart Tarzan|Phil Collins
00261|She|Elvis Costello
00262|We Like To Party|Vengaboys
00264|My First Night With You|Mya
00265|God Must Have Spent|N Sync
00266|I Do|98 Degrees
00267|I Will Remember You|Sarah Mclachlan
00268|Youve Got A Way|Shania Twain
00269|If Youre Not In It For Love|Shania Twain
00270|Whose Bed|Shania Twain
00271|God Bless The Child|Shania Twain
00272|Man I Feel Like A Woman|Shania Twain
00273|Youre Still The One|Shania Twain
00274|Love Gets Me Every Time|Shania Twain
00275|The Woman In Me Needs The Man I|Shania Twain
00276|No One Needs To Know|Shania Twain
00277|Dont Be Stupid You Know I Love|Shania Twain
00278|Honey Im Home|Shania Twain
00279|Come On Over|Shania Twain
00280|Any Man Of Mine|Shania Twain
00281|Tales Of Brave Ulysses|Eric Clapton
00282|Outside Woman Blues|Eric Clapton
00283|Lovely Stranger|Eric Clapton
00284|Swalber|Eric Clapton
00285|Miss You|Eric Clapton
00286|No Alibies|Eric Clapton
00287|Anything For Your Love|Eric Clapton
00288|Running On Faith|Eric Clapton
00289|Have You Ever Loved A Woman|Eric Clapton
00290|Why Does Love Got To Be So Bad|Eric Clapton
00291|Let It Grow|Eric Clapton
00292|Only You Know And I Know|Eric Clapton
00293|Change The World|Eric Clapton
00294|Layla|Eric Clapton
00295|Badge|Eric Clapton
00296|Hell Is For Children|Pat Benatar
00297|Dream A Little Dream Of Me|Mama Cass
00298|You Oughta Know|Alanis Morissette
00299|Like The Way I Do|Melissa Etheridge
00300|Mercedes Benz|Janis Joplin
00301|Fire And Ice|Pat Benatar
00302|This Could Take All Night|Amanda Marshall
00303|Fast Car|Tracy Chapman
00304|You Learn|Alanis Morissette
00305|Every Day Is A Winding Road|Sheryl Crow
00306|Last Dance The Hustle On The Ra|Selena
00307|At Seventeen|Janis Ian
00308|Shadows Of The Night|Pat Benatar
00309|I Want To Come Over|Melissa Etheridge
00310|I Will Survive|Gloria Gaynor
00311|I Feel The Earth Move|Carole King
00312|Mouth|Merril Bainbridge
00313|We Just Disagree|Dave Mason
00314|If You Really Love Me|Stevie Wonder
00315|This Masquerade|George Benson
00316|Amie|Pure Prairie League
00317|Lately|Stevie Wonder
00318|Sundown|Gordon Lightfoot
00319|From The Beginning|Emerson Lake An
00320|Harmony|Elton John
00321|Vienna|Billy Joel
00322|Dont Let Me Be Lonely Tonight|James Taylor
00323|Weve Got Tonight|Bob Seger
00324|Trying To Get The Feeling Again|Barry Manilow
00325|Breaking Up Is Hard To Do|Neil Sedaka
00327|Stuck On You|Bobby Caldwell
00328|Cruel To Be Kind|Nick Lowe
00329|I Saw The Light|Todd Rundgren
00330|Take My Breath Away|Rex Smith
00331|The Saga Begins American Pie|Weird Al Yankov
00332|Fat|Weird Al Yankovic
00333|My Bologna My Sharona|Weird Al Yankov
00334|Another One Rides The Bus|Weird Al Yankovic
00335|Ricky|Weird Al Yankovic
00336|Like A Surgeon Like A Virgin|Weird Al Yankov
00337|Alimony Mony Mony|Weird Al Yankov
00338|Addicted To Spuds Addicted To L|Weird Al Yankov
00339|Amish Paradise Gangstas Paradis|Weird Al Yankov
00340|She Drives Like Crazy She Drive|Weird Al Yankov
00341|Grapefruit Diet Zoot Suit Riot|Weird Al Yankov
00342|Smells Like Nirvana Smells Like|Weird Al Yankov
00343|I Want A New Duck I Want A New|Weird Al Yankov
00344|Achy Breaky Song|Weird Al Yankovic
00345|Phony Calls|Weird Al Yankovic
00346|Eat It Beat It|Weird Al Yankov
00347|Yoda Lola|Weird Al Yankov
00348|The Dance|Garth Brooks
00349|Friends In Low Places|Garth Brooks
00350|It Dont Matter To The Sun|Garth Brooks Ch
00351|Two Of A Kind|Garth Brooks
00352|Somewhere Other Than The Night|Garth Brooks
00353|We Shall Be Free|Garth Brooks
00354|Against The Grain|Garth Brooks
00355|The Thunder Rolls|Garth Brooks
00356|In Anothers Eyes|Garth Brooks T
00357|Neon Moon|Garth Brooks
00358|Papa Loves Mama|Garth Brooks
00359|Learning To Live Again|Garth Brooks
00360|Aint Goin Down Til The Sun Come|Garth Brooks
00361|American Honky Tonk Bar Association|Garth Brooks
00362|Lost In You|Garth Brooks Ch
00363|Runnin With The Devil|Van Halen
00364|Stone Free|Jimi Hendrix
00365|Bad Company|Bad Company
00366|Cold Gin|Kiss
00367|Knockin On Heavens Door|Guns N Roses
00368|Hard To Handle|The Black Crowe
00369|When The Levee Breaks|Led Zeppelin
00370|Jamies Cryin|Van Halen
00371|Suffragette City|David Bowie
00372|Fly By Night In The Mood|Rush
00373|Jealous Again|The Black Crowe
00374|Rock Candy|Ronnie Montrose
00375|Fire Down Below|Bob Seger
00376|Open Invitation|Santana
00377|Sweet Lorraine|Uriah Heep
00378|Is It My Body|Alice Cooper
00379|Space Cowboy|Steve Miller Band
00380|Shooting Star|Bad Company
00381|Beautiful Loser|Bob Seger
00382|Alison My Aim Is True|Elvis Costello
00383|Dance The Night Away|Van Halen
00384|Love Hurts|Nazereth
00385|Suite Madame Blue|Styx
00387|Working For The Weekend|Loverboy
00388|A Matter Of Trust|Billy Joel
00389|Love Stinks|J Geils Band
00390|Turn The Page|Bob Seger
00391|Rock Me On The Water|Jackson Browne
00393|Dyer Maker|Led Zeppelin
00394|A Man Ill Never Be|Boston
00395|Ready For Love|Bad Company
00396|Sweet Home Chicago|Blues Brothers
00397|The Sky Is Crying|Gary Moore
00398|Good Time Charlie|Albert King
00399|Aint Got Nothin But The Blues|Robin Ford
00400|Dont Think Twice Its Alright|Eric Clapton
00401|Have You Ever Loved A Woman|Derek The Domin
00402|Confidence Man|The Jeff Healey
00403|Im A King Bee Back Door Man Med|Frank Marino Ma
00404|Blue Jean Blues|The Jeff Healey
00405|Call My Job|Albert King
00406|Outside Woman Blues|Cream
00407|Turn Back The Hands Of Time|Big Twist
00408|Smoking Gun|Robert Cray
00409|Hey Bartender|Blues Brothers
00410|She Caught The Katy|Blues Brothers
00411|Dazed And Confused|Led Zeppelin
00412|Time|Pink Floyd
00413|Come To Poppa|Bob Seger
00414|All Along The Watchtower|Jimi Hendrix
00415|Just What The Doctor Ordered|Ted Nugent
00416|Tales Of Brave Ulysses|Cream
00417|Us And Them|Pink Floyd
00418|Sunspot Baby|Bob Seger
00419|Sweet Jane|Lou Reed
00420|Basket Case|Green Day
00421|Kashmir|Led Zeppelin
00422|Longview|Green Day
00423|This Woman Needs|Shedaisy
00424|Steam|Ty Herndon
00425|Pop A Top|Alan Jackson
00426|Cowboy Take Me Away|Dixie Chicks
00427|Big Deal|LeAnn Rimes
00428|Lost In Your Eyes|Garth Brooks
00429|All I Want Is Everything|Mindy Mccready
00430|You Cant Hurry Love|Dixie Chicks
00431|Little Goodbyes|Shedaisy
00432|Thats The Way Love Goes|Merle Haggard J
00433|Right Now|Garth Brooks Ch
00434|What Do You Say To That|George Strait
00435|Goodbye Earl|Dixie Chicks
00436|Lets Make Love|Fzith Hill And
00437|Mambo No 5|Lou Bega
00438|Thats The Way It Is|Celine Dion
00439|All Or Nothing|Cher
00440|Smooth|Santana Rob Tho
00441|Bug A Boo|Destinys Child
00442|You Drive Me Crazy|Britney Spears
00443|Ice Cream|Sarah Mclachlan
00444|A Thousand Oceans|Tori Amos
00445|I Knew I Loved You|Savage Garden
00446|There She Goes|Sixpence None The Richer
00447|Angels Would Fall|Melissa Etheridge
00448|Everything Is Everything|Lauryn Hill
00449|The Difficult Kind|Sheryl Crow
00450|So Pure|Alanis Morissette
00451|I Need To Know|Marc Anthony
00453|Blue Eyes Blue|Eric Clapton
00454|From The Bottom Of My Broken Heart|Britney Spears
00455|All Star|Smash Mouth
00456|Sabbath Bloody Sabbath|Black Sabbath
00457|Cold Day In Hell|Gary Moore
00458|Silent Lucidity|Queensryche
00459|18 And Life|Skid Row
00460|Black Dog|Led Zeppelin
00461|Crazy On You|Heart
00462|Far Behind|Candlebox
00463|Lets Get Rocked|Def Leppard
00464|Smoke On The Water|Deep Purple
00465|Without You|Motley Crue
00466|Schools Out|Alice Cooper
00467|Once Bitten Twice Shy|Great White
00468|High Enough|Damn Yankees
00469|I Know What Boys Like|The Waitresses
00470|Building A Mystery|Sarah Mclachlan
00471|I Touch Myself|Divinyls
00472|Harden My Heart|Quarterflash
00473|Heart Of Glass|Blondie
00474|Sweet Dreams Are Made Of This|Eurythmics
00475|Bette Davis Eyes|Kim Carnes
00476|Total Eclipse Of The Heart|Bonnie Tyler
00477|The Warrior|Scandal
00478|Dirty Deeds|Joan Jett
00479|Son Of A Preacher Man|Dusty Springfield
00480|La Isla Bonita|Madonna
00481|Dont Stop|Fleetwood Mac
00483|Anticipation|Carly Simon
00484|Here Comes The Rain Again|Eurythmics
00485|My Kind Of Town|Frank Sinatra
00486|Luck Be A Lady|Frank Sinatra
00487|Come Fly With Me|Frank Sinatra
00488|All Of Me|Frank Sinatra
00489|I Get A Kick Out Of You|Frank Sinatra
00490|The Tender Trap|Frank Sinatra
00491|Fly Me To The Moon|Frank Sinatra
00492|Taking A Chance On Love|Frank Sinatra
00493|That Old Black Magic|Frank Sinatra
00494|Love And Marriage|Frank Sinatra
00495|The Lady Is A Tramp|Frank Sinatra
00496|Nice N Easy|Frank Sinatra
00497|They Cant Take That Away From M|Frank Sinatra
00498|You Make Me Feel So Young|Frank Sinatra
00499|One For My Baby|Frank Sinatra
00500|Somethin Stupid|Frank Sinatra N
00501|All The Way|Frank Sinatra
00502|Almost Like Being In Love|Frank Sinatra
00503|Chicago|Frank Sinatra
00504|Into The Great Wide Open|Tom Petty
00505|Magic Man|Heart
00506|I Want You To Want Me|Cheap Trick
00507|Proud Mary|Creedence Clearwater Revival
00508|Fly Like An Eagle|Steve Miller Band
00509|Tuesday Afternoon Forever After|The Moody Blues
00510|Rock And Roll All Night|Kiss
00511|Taxi|Harry Chapin
00512|Suicide Blonde|Inxs
00513|Alabama Song|The Doors
00514|Long Cool Woman|The Hollies
00515|Hot Girls In Love|Loverboy
00516|Talking In Your Sleep|The Romantics
00517|Man On The Moon|REM
00518|Vehicle|The Ides Of Mar
00519|Love Is A Battlefield|Pat Benatar
00520|Get Down Tonight|KC And The Suns
00521|Brick House|Commodores
00522|Macho Man|Village People
00523|YMCA|Village People
00524|Electric Boogie|Marcia Griffiths
00525|Mr Big Stuff|Jean Knight
00526|December 63 Oh What A Night|Frankie Valli
00527|Bad Girls|Donna Summer
00528|Thats The Way I Like It|KC And The Suns
00529|Stayin Alive|The Bee Gees
00530|Do Ya Think Im Sexy|Rod Stewart
00531|Copacabana At The Copa|Barry Manilow
00532|Shake Shake Shake Shake Your Bo|KC And The Suns
00533|We Are Family|Sister Sledge
00534|Macarena|Los Del Rios
00535|Time Warp|Show Tune Rocky
00536|Blue|LeAnn Rimes
00537|The Keeper Of The Stars|Tracy Byrd
00538|My Maria|Brooks And Dunn
00539|Sold|John Michael Montgomery
00540|Here Comes The Rain|The Mavericks
00541|Guys Do It All The Time|Mindy Mccready
00542|Daddys Money|Ricochet
00543|Starting Over Again|Reba Mcentire
00544|Heads Carolina Tails California|Jo Dee Messina
00545|When A Woman Loves A Man|Lee Roy Parnell
00546|Believe Me Baby I Lied|Trisha Yearwood
00547|It Matters To Me|Faith Hill
00548|One Boy One Girl|Collin Raye
00549|Stars Over Texas|Tracy Lawrence
00550|Thats Amore|Dean Martin
00551|Its All In The Game|Tommy Edwards
00552|The Good Life|Tony Bennett
00553|Route 66|Natalie Cole
00554|Danny Boy|Popular Arrangement
00555|Blue Velvet|Bobby Vinton
00556|Little Old Wine Drinking Me|Dean Martin
00557|Blue Moon|Mel Torme
00558|This Is All I Ask|Nat King Cole
00559|High Hopes|Frank Sinatra
00560|Crazy He Calls Me|Ella Fitzgerald
00561|I Cant Give You Anything But Lo|Rosemary Cloone
00562|Candy Man|Sammy Davis Jr
00563|Call Me Irresponsible|Frank Sinatra
00564|Count Your Blessings|Bing Crosby
00565|Rags To Riches|Tony Bennett
00566|Oops I Did It Again|Britney Spears
00567|Only God Knows Why|Kid Rock
00568|The Thong Song|Sisquo
00569|What A Girl Wants|Christina Aguilera
00570|American Pie|Madonna
00571|He Wasnt Man Enough|Toni Braxton
00572|Be With You|Enrique Iglesias
00573|Crash And Burn|Savage Garden
00574|If I Had 1000000|Barenaked Ladie
00575|It Feels So Good|Sonique
00576|Pretty Fly For A White Guy|The Offspring
00577|I Get Lost|Eric Clapton
00578|All The Small Things|Blink 182
00579|Bye Bye Bye|N Sync
00580|Say My Name|Destinys Child
00581|This Time Around|Hanson
00582|Best Of Me|Bryan Adams
00583|Feelin So Good|Jennifer Lopez
00584|Woke Up This Morning Sopranos|A3
00585|Call Me|Blondie
00586|Rocky Mountain Way|Joe Walsh
00587|Hey Joe|Jimi Hendrix
00588|LA Woman|The Doors
00589|All Fired Up|Pat Benatar
00590|Ill Be There For You|Bon Jovi
00591|Sunshine Of Your Love|Cream
00592|Stand Up|Def Leppard
00593|You Aint Seen Nothing Yet|Bachman Turner
00594|Two Out Of Three Aint Bad|Meatloaf
00595|Polka Salad Annie|Tony Joe White
00596|Nights In White Satin|The Moody Blues
00597|Dust In The Wind|Kansas
00598|I Heard It Through The Grapevine|Creedence Clearwater Revival
00599|Hippy Hippy Shake|The Swinging Bl
00600|American Woman|The Guess Who
00601|Blue Suede Shoes|Elvis Presley
00602|Bossa Nova Baby|Elvis Presley
00603|Good Luck Charm|Elvis Presley
00604|Dont|Elvis Presley
00605|Love Me|Elvis Presley
00606|Love Me Tender|Elvis Presley
00607|Loving You|Elvis Presley
00608|Stuck On You|Elvis Presley
00609|Treat Me Nice|Elvis Presley
00610|I Want you I Need You I Love Yo|Elvis Presley
00611|Blue Hawaii|Elvis Presley
00612|Blue Christmas|Elvis Presley
00613|Surrender|Elvis Presley
00614|Burning Love|Elvis Presley
00615|Separate Ways|Elvis Presley
00616|Viva Las Vegas|Elvis Presley
00617|A Boy Named Sue|Johnny Cash
00618|A White Sport Coat|Marty Robbins
00619|Another Somebody Done Somebody Wrong Song|BJ Thomas
00620|Big Bad John|Jimmy Dean
00621|Chug A Lug|Roger Miller
00622|Gentle On My Mind|Glen Campbell
00623|I Cant Stop Loving You|Ray Charles
00624|I Walk The Line|Johnny Cash
00625|Ahab The Arab|Ray Stevens
00626|I Want To Go With You|Eddy Arnold
00627|Midnight Special|Johnny Rivers
00628|Ode To Billy Joe|Bobbie Gentry
00629|Along Came Jones|Ray Stevens
00630|Before The Next Teardrop Falls|Freddie Fender
00631|You Dont Have To Say You Love M|Dusty Springfie
00632|Make The World Go Away|Eddie Arnold
00634|The Bad Touch|The Bloodhound
00635|Take A Look Around Theme From M|Limp Bizkit
00636|Everything You Want|Vertical Horizon
00637|Otherside|Red Hot Chili Peppers
00638|Broadway|Goo Goo Dolls
00639|Simple Kind Of Life|No Doubt
00640|I Try|Macy Gray
00641|Maria Maria|Santana The Pro
00642|Bent|Matchbox 20
00643|You Sang To Me|Marc Anthony
00644|Blue Da Ba Dee|Eiffel 65
00645|Breathe|Faith Hill
00646|I Need You|LeAnn Rimes
00647|There You Go|Pink
00648|Where You Are|Jessica SimpsonN Lachey
00649|I Disappear|Metallica
00650|Gimme Three Steps|Lynyrd Skynyrd
00651|Call Me The Breeze|Lynyrd Skynyrd
00652|T For Texas|Lynyrd Skynyrd
00653|I Aint The One|Lynyrd Skynyrd
00654|Gimme Back My Bullets|Lynyrd Skynyrd
00655|Searchin|Lynyrd Skynyrd
00656|Poison Whiskey|Lynyrd Skynyrd
00657|Whiskey Rock A Roller|Lynyrd Skynyrd
00658|Dont Ask Me No Questions|Lynyrd Skynyrd
00659|Simple Man|Lynyrd Skynyrd
00660|The Ballad Of Curtis Loew|Lynyrd Skynyrd
00661|The Needle And The Spoon|Lynyrd Skynyrd
00662|Working For MCA|Lynyrd Skynyrd
00663|Swamp Music|Lynyrd Skynyrd
00664|I Know A Little|Lynyrd Skynyrd
00665|Tuesdays Gone|Lynyrd Skynyrd
00666|Hold Your Head Up|Argent
00667|Heart Of Gold|Neil Young
00668|All Right Now|Free
00669|Bend Me Shape Me|American Breed
00670|I Fought The Law|Bobby Fuller Four
00671|Bus Stop|The Hollies
00672|Changes|David Bowie
00673|Come Go With Me|Expose
00674|Dont Bring Me Down|Electric Light
00675|Fixing A Hole|The Beatles
00676|All Day And All Of The Night|The Kinks
00677|For What Its Worth|Buffalo Springf
00678|Free Ride|Edgar Winter
00679|Good Lovin Makes It Right|Tammy Wynette
00680|Goodnight Sweetheart|David Kersh
00681|Happy Together|Turtles
00682|Unleash The Dragon|Sisqo
00683|So Good|Destinys Child
00684|Put Your Lights On|Santana Everlas
00685|Graduation Friends Forever|Vitamin C
00686|Seven|David Bowie
00687|The Real Slim Shady|Eminem
00688|Whats My Age Again|Blink 182
00689|No Love|Kevon Edmonds
00690|Why Didnt You Call Me|Macy Gray
00691|Against All Odds|Mariah Carey
00692|If I Told You That|Whitney HoustonG Michael
00693|Long Way Around|Eagle Eye Cherry
00694|6 8 12|Brian Mcknight
00695|I Think Im In Love|Jessica Simpson
00696|Its My Life|Bon Jovi
00697|Boys In The Hood|Dynamite Hack
00698|Riding With The King|Eric Clapton BB
00699|Californication|Red Hot Chili Peppers
00700|Shut Your Mouth|Made In London
00701|When I Said Goodbye|Steps
00702|Say It Isnt So|Bon Jovi
00703|Just Be A Man About It|Toni Braxton
00705|The Ballad Of Chasey Lain|The Bloodhound
00706|Summer Of Love|Steps
00707|Come On Over All I Want Is You|Christina Aguil
00708|Bad Man|R Kelly
00710|Pure Pleasure Seeker|Moloko
00711|Doesnt Really Matter|Janet Jackson
00712|Most Girls|Pink
00713|Who Let The Dogs Out|Baha Men
00714|Wifey|Next And Lil Mo
00715|With Arms Wide Open|Creed
00716|Independent Woman Part 1|Destinys Child
00717|I See You Baby|Groove Armada
00718|Love Of My Life|Santana
00719|Im Holding On To Love|Shania Twain
00720|This I Promise You|N Sync
00721|The Rockerfella Skank|Fat Boy Slim
00722|Should I Stay|Gabrielle
00723|Youre A God|Vertical Horizo
00724|Flowers|Sweet Female Attitude
00725|Case Of The Ex|Mya
00726|Kryptonite|3 Doors Down
00728|Bawitdaba|Kid Rock
00729|Stiff Upper Lip|AC DC
00730|Given To Fly|Pearl Jam
00732|Nothin But A Good Time|Poison
00733|Whole Lotta Rosie|AC DC
00734|Welcome To The Jungle|Guns N Roses
00735|Let It Ride|Bachman Turner Overdrive
00736|Photograph|Def Leppard
00737|Jeremy|Pearl Jam
00738|Since Youve Been Gone|Rainbow
00739|Girls Girls Girls|Motley Crue
00740|Any Way You Want It|Journey
00741|Highway To Hell|AC DC
00742|I Got ID|Pearl Jam
00743|Hysteria|Def Leppard
00744|Doctor My Eyes|Jackson Browne
00745|Dont Do Me Like That|Tom Petty And H
00746|I Wanna Know What Love Is|Foreigner
00747|Crystal Blue Persuasion|Tommy James Sho
00748|Honesty|Billy Joel
00749|Midnight Confessions|The Grass Roots
00750|Sea Cruise|Frankie Ford
00751|Love Grows Where My Rosemary Go|Edison Lighthou
00752|Kind Of A Drag|The Buckinghams
00753|Laughter In The Rain|Neil Sedaka
00754|Secret Agent Man|Johnny Rivers
00755|Electric Ave|Eddie Grant
00756|Gloria|Laura Branigan
00757|Judy In Disguise With Glasses|John Fred And H
00758|In The Year 2525|Zager And Evans
00759|I Hear You Knocking|Dave Edmunds
00760|Thank Heaven For Little Girls|Show Tune Gigi
00761|Consider Yourself|Show Tune Olive
00762|Cabaret|Show Tune Cabar
00763|Try To Remember|Fantastics
00764|Anything You Can Do|Show Tune Annie
00765|Put On A Happy Face|Show Tune Bye B
00766|Theres No Business Like Show Bu|Ethel Merman
00767|On The Street Where You Live|Show Tune My Fa
00768|Any Dream Will Do|Show Tune Josep
00769|If I Were A Rich Man|Show Tune Fiddl
00770|Im Gonna Wash That Man Right Ou|Show Tune South
00771|Till There Was You|Show Tune The M
00772|Tomorrow|Show Tune Annie
00773|The Money Song|Show Tune Cabar
00774|Corner Of The Sky|Pippen
00775|Maria|Show Tune West
00776|Shes Like The Wind|Patrick Swayze
00777|After All|Al Jarreau
00778|Reflections Of My Life|Marmalade
00779|Sooner Or Later|The Grass Roots
00780|Garden Party|Ricky Nelson
00781|Limbo Rock|Chubby Checker
00782|Saving All My Love For You|Whitney Houston
00783|Alone Again Naturally|Gilbert Osulliv
00784|Carolina In My Mind|James Taylor
00785|Aint No Way To Treat A Lady|Helen Reddy
00786|When Im Sixty Four|The Beatles
00787|Crying|Roy Orbison
00788|Question 67 And 68|Chicago
00789|Blue Monday|Fats Domino
00790|Just Dont Want To Be Lonely|Main Ingredient
00791|Saturday Night|The Bay City Ro
00792|The Twist|Chubby Checker
00793|Tie A Yellow Ribbon|Tony Orlando
00794|Whats New Pussycat|Tom Jones
00795|Whos Sorry Now|Brenda Lee
00796|The Joker|Steve Miller Ba
00797|I Put A Spell On You|Creedence Clearwater Revival
00799|Purple Haze|Jimi Hendrix
00800|Strange Brew|Cream
00801|Behind Blue Eyes|The Who
00802|Under The Bridge|Red Hot Chili Peppers
00803|5 15|The Who
00804|Bad Medicine|Bon Jovi
00805|China Grove|Doobie Brothers
00806|We Belong To The Night|Pat Benatar
00807|White Rabbit|Jefferson Airplane
00808|Do You Know What I Mean|Lee Michaels
00809|Livin On The Edge|Aerosmith
00810|Life Is A Highway|Tom Cochrane
00811|Mysterious Ways|U2
00812|Rock And Roll Never Forgets|Bob Seger
00813|Falling In Love Is Hard On The|Aerosmith
00814|Give It Away|Red Hot Chili Peppers
00815|Flavor Of The Weak|American Hi Fi
00816|Survivor|Destinys Child
00817|Follow Me|Uncle Kracker
00818|Nobody Wants To Be Lonely|Ricky Martin Ch
00820|Again|Lenny Kravitz
00821|Play|Jennifer Lopez
00822|If Youre Gone|Matchbox 20
00823|Southside|Moby Gwen Stefa
00824|Hanging By A Moment|Lifehouse
00825|I Hope You Dance|Lee Ann Womack
00826|Luv Lies|Aerosmith
00828|Butterfly|Crazy Town
00829|Hemorrhage In My Hands|Fuel
00830|Im Like A Bird|Nelly Furtado
00831|Thank You|Dido
00832|Angel|Lionel Richie
00833|Burning Down The House|Talking Heads
00834|Light My Fire|The Doors
00835|Journey To The Center Of Your M|Ted Nugent And
00836|Lookin Out My Back Door|Creedence Clear
00837|Only The Good Die Young|Billy Joel
00838|Short People|Ray Newman
00839|Space Oddity|David Bowie
00840|Spill The Wine|War
00841|They Dont Write Em Like That An|Greg Kihn
00842|Too Rolling Stoned|Robin Trower
00843|Werewolves Of London|Warren Zevon
00844|Whos Cryin Now|Journey
00845|Piano Man|Billy Joel
00846|Green River|Creedence Clearwater Revival
00847|Still Got The Blues For You|Gary Moore
00848|God Bless America We Will Rock|Standard
00849|Build Me Up Buttercup|Foundations
00850|My Ding|A-
00851|The Wanderer|Dion
00852|Who Put The Bomp|Barry Mann
00853|96 Tears|Question Mark A
00854|Iko Iko|Dixie Cups
00855|Sweet Sixteen|Chuck Berry
00856|Where The Boys Are|Connie Francis
00857|Lonely Teardrops|Jackie Wilson
00858|The Stroll|Diamonds
00859|The Great Pretender|Platters
00860|Town Without Pity|Gene Pitney
00861|Put Your Head On My Shoulder|Paul Anka
00862|Lipstick On Your Collar|Connie Francis
00863|Yummy Yummy Yummy|Ohio Express
00864|Alley Oop|Hollywood Angels
00865|Mother In Law|Ernie K
00866|Book Of Love|Monotones
00867|Venus|Frankie Avalon
00868|Daddys Home|Shep And The Li
00869|Chantilly Lace|Big Bopper
00870|Flip Flop Fly|Joe Turner
00871|I Only Have Eyes For You|Flamingoes
00872|Lucille|Little Richard
00873|Maybellene|Chuck Berry
00874|Rock And Roll Music|Chuck Berry
00875|Rockin Pneumonia And The Boogie|Huey Smith
00876|Roll Over Beethoven|Chuck Berry
00877|School Days|--
00878|Johnny B Goode|Chuck Berry
00879|Kissing A Fool|George Michael
00880|Lady|Kenny Rogers
00881|Just Once|James Ingram
00882|If You Could Read My Mind|Gordon Lightfoot
00883|How Deep Is Your Love|Bee Gees
00884|Having My Baby|Paul Anka
00885|For Once In My Life|Stevie Wonder
00886|For The First Time|Kenny Loggins
00887|Everybody Plays The Fool|Aaron Neville
00888|Even Now|Barry Manilow
00889|Cracklin Rose|Neil Diamond
00890|Baby Im A Want You|Bread
00891|Baby Dont Get Hooked On Me|Mac Davis
00892|Annies Song|John Denver
00893|Lets Get In On|--
00894|Dancing Queen|ABBA
00895|I Honestly Love You|Olivia Newton
00896|The Tide Is High|Blondie
00897|Torn Between Two Lovers|Mary McGregor
00898|Lady Marmalade|Labelle
00899|A Natural Woman|Aretha Franklin
00902|Eternal Flame|Bangles
00903|It Mustve Been Love|Roxette
00904|Morning Train|Sheena Easton
00905|One Way Or Another|Blondie
00906|Ive Got The Music In Me|Kiki Dee
00907|Right Time Of The Night|Jennifer Warnes
00908|Straight Up|Paula Abdul
00909|Diamonds Are A Girls Best Friend|Marilyn Monroe
00910|Ill String Along With You|Standard
00911|Imagination|Dean Martin
00912|Georgia On My Mind|Ray Charles
00913|Ive Gotta Be Me|Sammy Davis Jr
00914|L O V E|Nat King Cole
00915|Shadow Of Your Smile|Tony Bennett
00916|Put The Blame On Mame|Standard
00917|You Go To My Head|Standard
00918|Somewhere My Love|Jack Jones
00919|Spanish Eyes|Al Martino
00920|Twelfth Of Never|Johnny Mathis
00921|Cry Me A River|Barbra Streisand
00922|Daddys Little Girl|Standard
00923|Stars Fell On Alabama|Frank Sinatra
00924|Hey Tonight|Creedence Clearwater Revival
00925|Im A Man|Chicago
00926|I Cant Drive 55|Sammy Hagar
00927|Keep On Loving You|REO Speedwagon
00928|The Letter|Box Tops
00929|I Wont Back Down|Tom Petty
00930|Fat Bottomed Girls|Queen
00931|Fame|David Bowie
00932|Dream Weaver|Gary Wright
00933|Bang The Drum All Day|Todd Rundgren
00934|Working For A Living|Huey Lewis
00935|Whole Lotta Love|Led Zeppelin
00936|People Are Strange|The Doors
00937|Born Under A Bad Sign|Cream
00938|Animal|Def Leopard
00939|After Youve Gone|Frank Sinatra
00940|Didnt We|Frank Sinatra
00941|Embraceable You|Frank Sinatra
00942|Fly Me To The Moon Uptempo|Frank Sinatra
00943|Fools Rush In|Frank Sinatra
00944|Hey Jealous Lover|Frank Sinatra
00945|All Or Nothing At All|Frank Sinatra
00946|Ill Be Seeing You|Frank Sinatra
00947|Second Time Around|Frank Sinatra
00948|September Song|Frank Sinatra
00949|Ive Got The World On A String|Frank Sinatra
00950|Someone To Watch Over Me|Frank Sinatra
00951|They All Laughed|Frank Sinatra
00952|Born In The USA|Bruce Springsteen
00953|Bad To The Bone|George Thorogood
00954|Break On Through|The Doors
00955|Cocaine|Eric Clapton
00956|Goin Up The Country|Canned Heat
00957|Have You Ever Seen The Rain|Creedence Clearwater Revival
00958|Magic Bus|The Who
00959|Magic Carpet Ride|Steppenwolf
00960|Ramblin Man|Allman Brothers
00961|Stairway To Heaven|Led Zeppelin
00962|Time Has Come Today|Chambers Brothers
00963|The Weight|The Band
00964|White Room|Cream
00965|Black Magic Woman|Santana
00966|Casey Jones|Grateful Dead
00967|Walk This Way|Aerosmith
00968|Mustang Sally|Wilson Pickett
00969|Go All The Way|Raspberries
00970|Selling The Drama|Live
00971|Riders On The Storm|The Doors
00972|Pinball Wizard|The Who
00973|Legs|ZZ Top
00975|Blaze Of Glory|Bon Jovi
00976|Tough Enough|Fabulous Thunderbirds
00977|Born On The Bayou|Creedence Clearwater Revival
00978|Carry On My Wayward Son|Kansas
00979|Conquistador|Procul Harum
00980|I Just Want To Celebrate|Rare Earth
00981|Another Brick In The Wall|Pink Floyd
00982|Back Door Man|The Doors
00983|Big 10 Inch Record|Aerosmith
00984|Bad Moon Rising|Creedence Clearwater Revival
00985|Get Together|Youngbloods
00986|Blues Power|Eric Clapton
00987|I Can See For Miles|The Who
00988|Money|Pink Floyd
00989|Wholl Stop The Rain|Creedence Clear
00990|My Generation|The Who
00991|Radar Love|Golden Earring
00992|Roadhouse Blues|The Doors
00993|Smoking In The Boys Room|Brownsville Station
00994|Because I Got High|Afroman
00996|Fallen|Alicia Keyes
00998|Crawlin|Linkin Park
01000|Fat Lip|Sum 41
01001|Its Been Awhile|Staind
01002|Rock Show|Blink 182
01003|U Remind Me|Usher
01005|Drops Of Jupiter|Train
01006|Hit Em Up With Style|Blu Cantrel
01007|Space Between|Dave Mattews
01008|Im Real|Jennifer Lopez
01009|Im A Believer|Smash Mouth
01010|Short Skirt Long Jacket|Cake
01011|Peaches And Cream|112
01012|Smooth Criminal|Alien Ant Farm
01013|Shine On You Crazy Diamond|Pink Floyd
01014|While My Guitar Gently Weeps|Jeff Healy
01015|Cowboy|Kid Rock
01016|Beer Run|Garth Brooks An
01017|Stranglehold|Ted Nugent
01018|James Dean|Eagles
01019|Big Black Man|The Full Monty
01020|Big Black Man Vocal|The Full Monty
01021|Hero|Enrique Eglasius
01022|King Of The Blues|Gary Moore
01023|Everyday|Dave Mathews Band
01024|In The End|Linkin Park
01025|Aint That A Bitch|Johnny Guitar W
01026|Stay Together For The Kids|Blink 182
01027|Superman|Five For Fighting
01028|My Sacrifice|Creed
01029|Wish You Were Here|Pink Floyd
01030|Taking Care Of Business|BTO
01031|Hit Me With Your Best Shot|Pat Benatar
01032|Born To Be Wild|Steppenwolf
01033|Sweet Caroline|Neil Diamond
01034|Dream On|Aerosmith
01035|Brown Eyed Girl|Van Morrison
01036|Me And Bobby Mcgee|Janis Joplin
01037|Margaritaville|Jimmy Buffett
01038|The House Of The Rising Sun|Animals
01039|I Love Rock And Roll|Joan Jett
01040|Wanted Dead Or Alive|Bon Jovi
01041|Candle In The Wind|Elton John
01042|Something To Talk About|Bonnie Raitt
01043|I Saw Her Standing There|Beatles
01044|Mony Mony|Tommy James
01045|Old Time Rock And Roll|Bob Seger
01046|Your Mama Don t Dance|Loggins N Messi
01047|Black Water|Doobie Brothers
01048|You are So Vain|Carly Simon
01049|It is Still Rock And Roll To Me|Billy Joel
01050|Unchained Melody|Righteous Brothers
01051|The Rose|Bette Midler
01052|You ve Lost That Loving Feeling|Righteous Broth
01053|Wonderful Tonight|Eric Clapton
01054|When A Man Loves A Woman|Percy Sledge
01055|Careless Whisper|George Michael
01056|I Will Always Love You|Whitney Houston
01057|Somewhere Out There|Ronstadt And Ingram
01058|You Are So Beautiful|Joe Cocker
01059|Endless Love|Richie And Ross
01060|Killing Me Softly|Roberta Flack
01061|Don t Let The Sun Go Down On Me|Elton John
01062|Sea Of Love|Honey Drippers
01063|Colour My World|Chicago
01064|Reunited|Peaches And Herb
01065|Up Where We Belong|Cocker And Warnes
01066|Your Song|Elton John
01067|Wind Beneath My Wings, The|Bettle Midler
01068|Crazy|Patsy Cline
01069|Achy Breaky Heart|Billy Ray Cyrus
01070|All My Exes Live In Texas|George Strait
01071|D.I.V.O.R.C.E.|Tammy Wynette
01072|Your Cheating Heart|Hank Williams S
01073|Forever And Ever Amen|Randy Travis
01074|Stand By Your Man|Tammy Wynette
01075|Elvira|Oak Ridge Boys
01076|Hey Good Looking|Hank Williams S
01077|Paper Roses|Marie Osmond
01078|Family Tradition|Hank Williams J
01079|Rose Garden|Brenda Lee
01080|I Fall To Pieces|Patsy Cline
01081|On The Road Again|Willie Nelson
01082|Mountain Music|--
01083|Okie From Muskogee|Waylon Jennings
01084|Mama s Don t Let Your Babies Gr|Nelson N Jennin
01085|To All The Girls I ve Loved Bef|Nelson N Iglasi
01086|At This Moment|Billy Vera
01087|Sixteen Tons|Tennesee Ernie Ford
01088|New York New York|Frank Sinatra
01089|Mack The Knife|Bobby Darin
01090|After The Loving|Englebert Humpe
01091|I Left My Heart In San Francisco|Tony Bennett
01092|My Way|Frank Sinatra
01093|Unforgettable|The Coles
01094|What A Wonderful World|Louis Armstrong
01095|For The Good Times|Ray Price
01096|Delilah|Tom Jones
01097|Release Me|Englebert Humperdinck
01098|Everybody Loves Somebody|Dean Martin
01099|Chances Are|Johnny Mathis
01100|Green Green Grass Of Home|Tom Jones
01101|Strangers In The Night|Frank Sinatra
01102|Over The Rainbow|Judy Garland
01103|I ve Got You Under My Skin|Frank Sinatra
01104|It Had To Be You|Harry Connick J
01105|This Moment In Time|Englebert Humperdinck
01106|People|Barbra Streisand
01107|Summerwind|Frank Sinatra
01108|All Shook Up|Elvis Presley
01109|Twist And Shout|Beatles
01110|Wild Thing|Troggs
01111|Doo Wha Diddy|Manfred Mann
01112|Teddy Bear|Elvis Presley
01113|Eight Days A Week|Beatles
01114|Daydream Believer|Monkees
01115|It s My Party|Leslie Gore
01116|My Boyfriends Back|Angels
01117|Runaround Sue|Dion
01118|These Boots Are Made For Walking|Nancy Sinatra
01119|California Girls|Beach Boys
01120|Suspicious Minds|Elvis Presley
01121|Bye Bye Love|Everly Brothers
01122|You are Sixteen|Ringo Starr
01123|All I Have To Do Is Dream|Everly Brothers
01124|Stand By Me|Ben E King
01125|Can t Help Falling In Love|Elvis Presley
01126|Hello Mary Lou|Ricky Nelson
01127|Rock Around The Clock|Bill Haley
01128|La Bamba|Richie Valens
01129|The Greatest Love Of All|Whitney Houston
01130|That s What Friends Are For|Dione Warwick
01131|Time Of My Life|Warnes N Medley
01132|Too Much Too Little Too Late|Mathis N Willia
01133|Crazy For You|Madonna
01134|Love Can Build A Bridge|Judds
01135|The End Of The World|Skeeter Davis
01136|Neither One Of Us|Gladys Knight
01137|Love Will Keep Us Together|Captain And Tenille
01138|Dream A Little Dream Of Me|Mama s And Papas
01139|Memory|Barbra Streisand
01140|When Will I Be Loved|Linda Ronstadt
01141|Saturday Nights Alright For Fighting|Elton John
01142|Let It Be|Beatles
01143|Bad|Michael Jackson
01144|Crazy Little Thing Called Love|Queen
01145|Addicted To Love|Robert Palmer
01146|Living On A Prayer|Bon Jovi
01147|On The Dark Side|John Cafferty
01148|Cat s In The Cradle|Harry Chapin
01149|Changes In Lattitude Changes In|Jimmy Buffett
01150|Hey Jude|Beatles
01151|Another One Bites The Dust|Queen
01152|Spinning Wheel|Blood Sweat And
01154|Beat It|Michael Jackson
01155|And When I Die|--
01156|Back In The U.S.S.R.|Beatles
01157|Pretty Woman|Roy Orbison
01158|Brandy|Looking Glass
01159|Are You Lonesome Tonight|Elvis Presley
01160|The Lion Sleeps Tonight|Tokens
01161|Sugar Sugar|Archies
01162|My Girl|Temptations
01163|Sitting On The Dock Of The Bay|Otis Redding
01164|Don t Be Cruel|Elvis Presley
01165|Sgt. Peppers Lonely Hearts Club Band|Beatles
01166|It s Only Make Believe|Conway Twitty
01167|Hi Di Ho|Blood Sweat And
01168|Fun Fun Fun|Beach Boys
01169|Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds|Beatles
01170|Heartbreak Hotel|Elvis Presley
01171|Thank God I m A Country Boy|John Denver
01172|Don t Go Breakin My Heart|Elton John
01173|By The Time I Get To Phoenix|Glen Campbell
01174|Country Roads|John Denver
01175|The Wonder Of You|Elvis Presley
01176|Jailhouse Rock|--
01177|Louie Louie|Kingsmen
01178|It s Now Or Never|Elvis Presley
01179|Love Shack|B52 s
01180|Just A Gigolo|David Lee Roth
01181|Oh What A Night|Frankie Vallie
01182|Monster Mash|Bobby Pickett
01183|Won t You Be My Neighbor|Fred Rogers
01184|Greased Lightning|Grease
01185|Play That Funky Music|Wild Cherry
01186|Celebration|Kool And The Gang
01187|Macarena|Los Del Rio
01188|I Think I Love You|Partridge Family
01189|King Of The Road|Roger Miller
01191|Banana Boat Song|Harry Belefonte
01192|Paradise By The Dashboard Light|Meatloaf
01193|Summer Nights|Grease
01194|Respect|Aretha Franklin
01195|Stop In The Name Of Love|Supremes
01196|Material Girl|Madonna
01197|You are No Good|Linda Ronstadt
01198|Girls Just Wanna Have Fun|Cindy Lauper
01199|Like A Virgin|Madonna
01200|Fame|Irene Cara
01201|Manic Monday|Bangles
01202|You are The One That I Want|Grease
01203|I Want A New Drug|Huey Lewis
01204|California Dreaming|Mama s N Papa s
01205|Blue Bayou|Linda Ronstadt
01206|She Drives Me Crazy|Fine Young Cannibals
01208|Smells Like Teen Spirit|Nirvana

Bonus Tracks

00001|4 Minutes|Madonna
00002|21 Guns|Greenday
00003|All Summer Long|Kid Rock
00004|Already Gone|Kelly Clarkson
00005|Alright|Darius Rucker
00006|Baby Boy|Byonce & Sean Paul
00007|Baby Im Yours|Barbara Wells
00008|Battlefield|Jordin Sparks
00010|Beer On The Table|Josh Thompson
00011|Best Days|Graham Colton
00012|Best Days Of Your Life|Kellie Pickler
00013|Best I Ever Had|Drake
00014|Big Green Tractor|Jason Aldean
00015|Blame It|Jamie Foxx & T-Pain
00016|Bleeding Love|Leona Lewis
00017|Blue Moon|Marcels
00018|Boom Boom Pow|Black Eyed Peas
00019|Boots On|Randy Houser
00020|Boulevard Of Broken Dreams|Green Day
00021|Breakaway|Kelly Clarkson
00022|Breathe|Taylor Swift
00023|Bubbly|Colbie Callait
00025|Chicken Fried|Zac Brown Band
00026|Circus|Britney Spears
00027|Come On Get Higher|Matt Nathanson
00028|Cowgirls Dont Cry|Brooks & Dunn
00029|Crazier|Taylor Swift
00030|Daughters|John Mayer
00032|Dont Think I Cant Love You|Jake Owen
00033|Dont Trust Me|3 Oh 3
00034|Down|Jay Sean
00035|Evacuate The Dance Floor|Cascada
00036|Fifteen|Taylor Swift
00037|Fire Burning|Sean Kingston
00039|Gettin You Home|Chris Young
00040|Gives You Hell|All-American Rejects
00041|God Love Her|Toby Keith
00042|Good Girls Go Bad|Cobra Starship
00043|Good Time|Alan Jackson
00045|Happy|Leona Lewis
00046|Have You Heard|Duprees
00047|Heartless|Kanye West
00048|Her Diamonds|Rob Thomas
00049|Hoedown Throwdown|Miley Cyrus
00050|Hold Me Thrill Me Kiss Me|Mel Carter
00051|Home Sweet Home|Carrie Underwood
00052|Hot n Cold|Katy Perry
00053|Hotel Room Service|Pitbull
00054|Hush Hush I Will Survive|Pussycat Dolls
00055|I Believe|Earls
00056|I Do Not Hook Up|Kelly Clarkson
00057|I Dont Want To Be|Gavin Degraw
00058|I Gotta Feeling|Black Eyed Peas
00059|I Just Call You Mine|Martina Mcbride
00060|I Kissed Girl|Katy Perry
00061|I Know You Want Me|Pitbull
00062|I Run To You|Lady Antebellum
00063|I Told You So|Carrie Underwood
00064|I Wanna|All-American Rejects
00065|If I Aint Got You|Alicia Keys
00066|If I Were A Boy|Beyonce
00067|If U Seek Amy|Britney Spears
00068|Ill Be That|Blake Shelton
00069|Ill Just Hold On|Jimmy Wayne
00070|Im Yours|Jason Mraz
00071|Just A Friend 09|Biz Markie
00072|Just Dance|Lady Gaga
00073|Karma|Alicia Keys
00074|Kiss A Girl|Keith Urban
00075|Knock You Down|Keri Hilson
00076|Live Your Life|T.I. & Rihanna
00077|Lonely No More|Rob Thomas
00078|Love Drunk|Boys Like Girls
00079|Love Game|Lady Gaga
00080|Love Story|Taylor Swift
00081|Mama Said|Shirelles
00082|Meet Me Halfway|Black Eyed Peas
00083|Morse Code Of Love|Capris
00084|My Guy|Mary Wells
00085|My Life Would Suck Without You|Kelly Clarkson
00086|Never Say Never|The Fray
00087|New Divide|Linkin Park
00088|No Surprise|Daughtry
00089|Obsessed|Mariah Carey
00090|One In Every Crowd|Montgomery Gentry
00091|Out Last Night|Kenny Chesney
00092|Paparazzi|Lady Gaga
00093|Party In The Usa|Miley Cyrus
00094|Please Dont Leave Me|Pink
00095|Poker Face|Lady Gaga
00096|Realize|Colbie Callait
00097|Red Light|David Nail
00098|Rich Girl|Gwen & Eve Stefani
00099|Right Round|Flo Rida
00100|She Wolf|Shakira
00101|Sideways|Dierks Bentley
00102|Since You Been Gone|Powderfinger
00103|Single Ladies|Beyonce
00105|Sweet Dreams|Beyonce
00106|Sweet Thing|Keith Urban
00107|Thats My Desire|Dion & The Belmonts
00108|The Climb|Miley Cyrus
00109|Then He Kissed Me|Crystals
00110|This Love|Maroon 5
00111|Toes|Zac Brown Band
00112|Tonights The Night|Shirelles
00113|Ur So Gay|Katy Perry
00114|Use Somebody|Kings Of Leon
00115|Viva La Vida|Coldplay
00116|Waking Up In Vegas|Katy Perry
00117|We Belong Together|Mariah Carey
00118|Welcome To The Future|Brad Paisley
00119|Whatcha Say|Jason Derulo
00120|Whatever It Is|Zac Brown Band
00121|Where And When|Dion & The Belmonts
00122|Where Is The Love|Black Eyed Peas
00123|White Horse|Taylor Swift
00124|Why Dont You Believe Me|Duprees
00125|Womanizer|Britney Spears
00126|Yeah|Usher & Ludacris & Lil Jon
00127|You Belong To Me|Duprees
00128|You Belong With Me|Taylor Swift
00129|You Had Me|Joss Stone
00130|You Were Mine|Fireflies