Professional Karaoke System Includes Portable Karaoke Monitor, Dual USB and CD Player

Professional Karaoke System help line below try it. Its fun! We know a lot about karaoke systems We built are first karaoke system in 1989.

RSQ K2 Karaoke System

Professional Karaoke System Picture Above

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  1. Professional Karaoke Mixing Amplifier with Remote Control, USB, and SD Card reader 599.99
  2. Audio 2000 Karaoke Speakers
  3. (2) Speaker Stands
  4. (2) 25 Foot Speaker Cables 24.99 each 49.98 pair
  5. Speaker Stand Cases
  6. RSQ K2 Dual Karaoke Player Presently the most Advanced Karaoke Player on the Market With Dual USB Ports and Record add a Karaoke Hard Drive to one USB Port or Both USB Ports It also has Dual SD Card Slots
  7. LCD Karaoke Monitor
  8. Includes 20 Foot Video Cable
  9. 1300 Karaoke Songs 449.00
  10. Dual Wireless Microphone System
  11. (2) Microphone Stands
  12. (2) Microphone Clips
  13. Remote Control For Karaoke Player
  14. Rack Mount Kit For Karaoke Player
  15. Rack Mount Kit For Karaoke Amplifier
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Karaoke Mixing Amplifier included with this karaoke system

Karaoke Amplifier / Preamp / Tuner with USB and SD Card Inputs

Description: Karaoke Amplifier / Preamp / Tuner with USB and SD Card Inputs
Color: Black
Changing the face of amplifier technology with the introduction of HYBRID, a technological advance that makes bulky and inefficient amplifiers a thing of the past. We started with the same revolutionary technology found in our power amplifiers, and incorporated a pre-amp, tuner and a dual Karaoke mic mixer. With high power output, versatile loading options, high thermal capacity and reliability, the HYBRID series brings you all of what a Pro Karaoke amplifier stands for—incredible performance and sound, versatility, and the ultimate in reliability under harsh conditions.
This Professional Karaoke System feature, a USB and SD Card input right on the face the Hybrid makes it even easier to enjoy your music.

Technical Hifi

NADY DKW-DUO WIRELESS MICS included with this karaoke system

Karaoke Wireless Microphone System
Professional Karaoke System Features:

Karaoke System DKW-Duo offers two handheld microphone transmitters (HT)

HT-Duo Handheld Microphone Transmitters:
The first , The only DUAL CDG, DVD, SD CARD, RCA, VIDEO & USB player used in a Karaoke System


RSQ K2 Dual Karaoke Player RSQ K-2 Dual Karaoke Hard Drives See All the Videos Below
RSQ K2 used in this Professional Karaoke System

Watch the video below to help you understand this karaoke system


Multi Format Dual Karaoke Player with Ripping and Recording Function


Manual Download an easy to follow Operators Manual

RSQ K-2 Dual Deck Karaoke PlayerRSQ K2 Karaoke Player backClick here for HD Photo of the back of the RSQ K2


The much anticipated RSQ K-2 has arrived! Due to popular demand RSQ has released a dual player unlike any dual player out on the market before. With two loaders that can be used individually or as one by connecting each side to different components or both to the same components, this player was design with originality and durability. Connect two separate hard drives to this player and pause to switch from one side to the other, without having to turn off idle side. Switch from side “A” to side “B” flawlessly by just pressing one button. Perfect for professional venues such as bars, clubs, restaurants, and/or outdoor events. A Professional Karaoke System design for the needs of kj’s and dj’s in mind.

Karaoke System Player Description:

-8X Faster Ripping for MP3+G & NEO+G Format (CD+G 4X)
-Record Singing to USB/SD CARD from CD+G, NEO+G, MP3+G Format
-Record Singing from USB device to SD Card or Vice Versa
-Song List Creation tool with NEO+G, MP3+G & DIVX Format

Karaoke system Player Features:

• 2 Microphone Input (Volume & Echo Control)
• Dual Tray, SD & USB Port
• Compatible formats: NEO+G, MP3+G, CD+G, DVD, MPEG4, DIVX, XVID, MP3
• Record Singing from NEO+G, MP3+G, and CD+G into USB/SD Card with Lyrics
• Easy song search: On Screen Song Index and Song Number
• 15 Steps Digital Key Control
• Scoring Function
• Rack Mountable
• Individual and Combined A/V outputs
• Full Function Remote Control

Karaoke System Player Weight & Dimensions:
•9 lbs.
•Length 11 inches
•Width 17 inches
•Height 5 inches

Karaoke System Accessories Include:
•RCA Cables
•Power Cable


ASP5210 - 300W Full Range 10" 2-Way Loudspeaker used in this karaoke system

Book Shelve Karaoke SpeakerBook Shelve Karaoke Speaker

Karaoke Speaker BottomKaraoke Speaker Bottom

The Bottom of this speaker has a place for an optional speaker stand.

If you are looking for a pair of professional speakers for your karaoke system, the Audio2000'S® ASP5210 full range 10" two-way loudspeaker is the answer for you. The reasons? Please look at the following product benefits for you:

Portability: Relatively light weight (20 lbs) for its sound level driving capability (Power: 300W, max; 150W, rms; Freq. Response: 40-20,000Hz; Sensitivity: 94dB @ 1W 1M).
Mountability: A built-in internal speaker mounting top hat makes it possible that a light-weight karaoke speaker can just be placed on the top of a speaker stand without using an external mounting device.
Connect ability: A pair of banana jacks are utilized for connecting the speaker cables.
Sound Quality: A high efficiency 10” woofer, a pair of 3 ½” tweeters and a built-in crossover circuitry are provided for smoothly transforming the electrical acoustic signal to full and transparent sound waves.
Affordability: Wow, what a price tag for such a wonderful sound driving power!

As a result, the ASP5210 loudspeaker is specifically designed and developed for your karaoke system at home or at a commercial locations.

ASP5210 Loudspeaker Features:

* 300Watts, 2-Way System
* 1 X 10" Woofer + 2 X 3 1/2" Tweeters
* Banana Jacks for Speaker Cable Connection
* Internal Speaker Mounting Top Hat
* Acoustic-Tune Ports for Superior Sound Venting
* 12dB / Octave High-Pass Crossover Network

ASP5210 Loudspeaker Specifications


8 Ohms, Nominal

Dimension (W X H X D)

20" X 11 5/8" X 10 1/2" (51 X 29.5 X 26.5 cm)

Frequency Response

40 - 20 KHz (+/- 3 dB)


94 dB @ 1M, 1W

Weight 22 lbs (10 Kgs)

Power Output

300W Max; 150W RMS

(2) Speaker Stands included with your Karaoke System

Speaker StandSpeaker StandSpeaker Stand Bag


(2) 25 Foot Speaker Cables Included with this karaoke system
Karaoke Speaker CableKaraoke Speaker Cable

Karaoke LCD Monitor with Stand included with this karaoke system

A must for any Karaoke System - LCD Monitor Stand Includes 9 inch LCD Color Monitor. Portable and easy to use. Has RCA Video input. Includes 20 foot RCA Video Cable

Karaoke Monitor

Microphone Stands included with this karaoke systemKaraoke Microphone Stands Karaoke Microphone Stands

Microphone Clips included with this karaoke systemMicrophone ClipMicrophone Clip